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The Kiefer team are experts in SharePoint, PowerBI, .NET, and the full-suite of Office 365 applications.

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Celebrating over 30 years of client success, Kiefer Consulting is a leading provider of Microsoft-based solutions in northern California. Our solutions drive collaboration, improve communication, and bring efficiency to critical business processes. We are based in Folsom, California and have clients in both the public and the private sectors and are experts in SharePoint and Office 365. The Kiefer team also has a long and successful track record of delivering .NET projects and solutions that leverage the full-suite of Office 365 applications.

We bring a complete team to every engagement with business analysts, developers, and infrastructure experts that collaborate with you to ensure the solution lives up to your expectations.

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To our customers, friends and business partners, Over the past few weeks, and more specifically the last several days, it’s become very clear that the world is facing an extraordinary challenge. Like you, we are deeply concerned and are committed to doing what is necessary to keep our communities healthy.

Last week, the United States declared the COVID-19 a national emergency. Late last week, states across the country have put mandates in place, including closing schools, bars and restaurants to slow the spread of the disease. Many businesses have had to quickly react to these sweeping changes and if you are like us at Kiefer,...

As an organization that has a long history of helping clients improve processes, we have learned a lot about why some clients succeed in business transformation, while others struggle with making the necessary changes to improve critical processes. Generally speaking, its the clients that invest in a culture that values improvement that are most successful...

Microsoft continues to lead the way in helping organizations collaborate, share and communicate like never before. Even with a full-suite of easy to use tools, organizations struggle with establishing a clear direction for users that outlines what Office 365 application to use (SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, etc.) and when they should use them. One of the...

SharePoint look book templates have been available for a few years now, first released at Ignite 2018. But after two years, look book templates have started to become more user friendly, with more design options available. We have been receiving more and more inquiries about look book templates recently and can hopefully answer some of...

Lately, Kiefer has had several conversations with clients that are requesting help to quickly and efficiently deploy Microsoft Teams to enable their remote workforce. With remote work becoming the new standard we at Kiefer Consulting are ready to help you get your organization up and running!

While many of you have looked to our blog for tips, expert perspectives and best practices, this blog will focus more on Kiefer’s second full week of remote work. Before COVID-19, studies indicated that remote work was on the rise in the US. According to the Federal Reserve, the share of the labor force that...

Microsoft SharePoint supports two basic User Interfaces (UI) designs; The “Classic” experience, and the “Modern” experience.  The “Classic” experience is a highly customizable user interface that integrates SharePoint lists and libraries.  The “Modern” experience is mobile ready, (currently) limits the visual customization that can be done, makes the creators’ experience more intuitive, and makes the...

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