SharePoint 2013 – Moving a Service Application to Another Application Pool.

Each Service Application in SharePoint runs within an Application Pool. The Application Pool controls the resources (memory, etc.) that a Service Application has available to it as well as controlling which account is used to run that service. By default, SharePoint groups many of its Service Applications together into one or two Application Pools. This may not always be the ideal scenario and you may have requirements to move Service Applications to run in their own dedicated Application Pool, or just to move them to another application pool so that you can control which Service Applications are grouped together and which account they run as.

In this article we will look at how to use SharePoint Central Administration to Change which Application Pool a Service Application runs in. In a separate article we will walk through making these changes using PowerShell as well.

To change the Application Pool under which a Service Application runs, follow these steps:

  • Login to the Central Administration site using the SharePoint Farm Administration account or an account that has full control of the farm and SharePoint Databases
  • From Central Administration browse to:
  1. Application Management > Manage Service Applications
  2. Select the Service Application that you would like to change 
  3. Do NOT click on the name of the Service Application
  4. Click to the right of the name to highlight but not open the service application
  5. With the Service application selected, click the Properties Button on the ribbon.
  6. In the properties window for the service application click the Application Pool Dropdown.
  7. Select the Application pool that you would like the Service Application to run under.
  8. Save your changes

It is usually beneficial to perform an IIS reset on all machines that are running instances of the service application.


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