Using Infopath? Nintex is the way forward with forms.

At the time Microsoft began their marketing momentum for SharePoint 2013, it also announced the end of InfoPath was on the horizon. Since then, organizations who have invested funding into the use of InfoPath’s form tools have been searching for tools to both replace and enhance InfoPath functionality. In the third-party market, there are robust forms tools available for purchase that address the need for organizations of all sizes to review in order to understand whether they meet the needs of their organizational goals for providing forms tools with business process automation.

This White Paper introduces SharePoint users to Nintex Forms, a strong alternative with rich functionality for forms and workflow development and presentation. In addition, Nintex Forms also offers a robust portability within SharePoint through utilization of its built-in toolset.

Image of a dock leading into the water to promote the path forward for InfoPath customers

We hope you enjoy this informative White Paper from Kiefer Consulting, Inc.


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