Does your intranet need a makeover?

As organizations strive to be more collaborative, the tools they use to connect employees must be elegant and easy to use. Unfortunately, some of the tools that organizations are using to collaborate and share information are not delivering the experience that users expect.

The intranet is one of the tools that is critical to building an organization that is collaborative, connected and informed. An organization’s intranet is the source of information for employees and allows them to find critical documents or information they need to do their jobs. Depending on the nature of your business, an intranet could be used to provide services and information to your partners or customers.

Without a plan or governance for your intranet, your internal-facing network can become a nightmare for your users. Over time, information may become harder to find, information may be out of date and the look and feel of the site may feel outdated.

A messy and out of date intranet

As the organization’s intranet becomes unwieldy to use, messy and out of date, employees will stop using the site and will resort to sharing information in silos. Collaboration will suffer and information will be harder to find. Your intranet might start to seem like a lost cause.

But, it’s important to realize the importance of your organization’s intranet and recognize the reasons for needing one. You may be frustrated with the legacy intranet solution your business is using, and this is the ideal time to assess your current intranet and determine what you want your users to get out of the intranet experience.

3 benefits of a modernized intranet

There are a number of benefits to modernizing and deploying an intranet solution. Here are 3!

1. Improve Communication

A great deal of critical business information is exchanged via e-mail. Unlike e-mail, information on an intranet site is accessible to everyone in the organization and can be stored indefinitely. Having information exchanged via e-mail will keep critical information locked away in the inboxes of the company employees. Intranets help ensure information is accessible and that institutional knowledge is not locked away.

Intranets also provide the ability to better communicate with colleagues and connect people in all parts of your organization. Modern intranets allow users to create profiles that summarize roles and expertise. This information makes it easy to identify the right individual in the organization to go to. Furthermore, these intranets have feature set that allows users to immediately connect with co-workers using e-mail, chat functionality and private messaging right from the intranet site. These tools have the capability of connecting users and creating a strong community.

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2. Breaking down barriers to getting things done

Each department in the organization has information that is critical to users across the organization. Let’s take HR for example. HR may have a series of pre-employment forms that must be filled out by a department head. An intranet site can speed up communication between the department head and the HR department by providing all the required forms on the organization’s intranet site. A good intranet provides employees with all tools, forms and contact information they need. By having all of this information on the company intranet, organizations become less reliant on e-mail and become more efficient in how information is shared internally.

In addition, an intranet is a place to discover content and find answers quickly.

3. Creating a place to collaborate

In most businesses, projects require input from multiple individuals in various departments within an organization. Intranets provide a centralized place for users to collaborate and work on these projects. Intranets help improve communication across the project team and allows users to see how projects are progressing, provide content and update tasks. A collaboration site has the ability to keep all stakeholders informed and up to date on the status of a project, eliminating the need for “one-off” communications or status-update meetings.

Is it time to modernize Your internet?

If you are not realizing these benefits with your current intranet solution it may be time to modernize your intranet. By modernizing, you are unlocking huge potential for your organization. Better collaboration, improving the sharing of information and providing greater access to the information your employees need to do their job improves efficiency across the entire organization.

Every business needs a good intranet. We at Kiefer have the experience in helping clients build dynamic and collaborative sites that are transformative and deliver the outcomes our clients are looking to achieve. We take a very comprehensive approach to helping clients in creating a site that is highly-functional, easy to use and the needs of the business. Our approach in designing intranet experiences comes from years of experience in;

  • Audience targeting & user adoption
  • Branding
  • Content migration
  • Information architecture
  • Governance
  • Usability testing
  • Visual design
  • Wire-framing

If the benefits of a modernized intranet are interesting to you, or if there is something you’d like to do to improve your current platform, we can help. Please send us a message at and we’d be happy to share our expertise and help you get more out of your intranet.


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