Overcoming insecurities about information security.

​Microsoft recently held their Virtual Security Summit and broke records for both registration and views. The 15-minute sessions on cybersecurity and cybercriminals drew more than 430,000 views.

During the summit, Microsoft conducted a survey surrounding these very important topics. Survey respondents provided feedback on the state of their organizations when it comes to security, vulnerability, the cyber attacks and trends that most concern them, which security scenarios are most important, as well as the importance of datacenter and cloud provider services and offerings.

Some of the results of the survey might surprise you, while others might sound all too familiar.

How secure is your organization’s data? The majority (29%) of respondents rated their company a “5” on a 1-10 scale, with “1” being the most secure. Although few rated themselves at either extreme, others tended to rate themselves as less secure, choosing “6” and “7” in equal ratios.

Cyber attacks continue to evolve, but what doesn’t change is the knowledge that as long as cybercriminals are able to induce panic in consumers, they’ll have a way to hack your data. Respondents to the Microsoft survey agree that phishing and social engineering attacks are most concerning.

Security is a top priority for many organizations, however, many organizations are struggling to understand how to address their security concerns.

Kiefer Consulting has been working with clients to help them manage information and collaborate using intuitive technology for over 28 years. We have helped many organizations balance the demand for rapid exchange of information on any device with the need for safeguards.

Here are a few areas that we see as opportunities for organizations that are striving to secure information and thwart a breach in the security of information.

Permissions & Access

Platforms like SharePoint offer clients the ability to control roles and access to information that resides in SharePoint. Administrators can limit access to folders, lists and documents that are stored in SharePoint.

To help administrators manage accessibility to information in SharePoint, there are a number of ways to ensure information is only accessible to authorized users. Administrators can control access by assigning roles and permissions in SharePoint. Beyond administration and authentication, admins can manage access using Claims-based identity and authentication, and Forms-based authentication.

SQL Server

Many of the projects Kiefer has worked on leverage SQL server. SQL Server has consistently provided unparalleled security with the least amount of vulnerabilities of any enterprise database management system six years in a row, according to National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database, Jan 21, 2015.

Microsoft Azure: The Secure Cloud

Kiefer has helped security-conscious customers move information to the cloud. Microsoft has worked tirelessly to earn customer trust in Microsoft Azure. In the development of Azure, Microsoft has crafted industry-leading security measures and privacy policies, and participated in international compliance programs with independent verification.

We can help your organization in leveraging the cloud, locking down access, platforms, data, and devices without compromising productivity. If information security is keeping you up at night, we should talk!
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