Project Readiness Made Simple: Free Project Readiness Assessment Template

UPDATED: March 24, 2020

Successful projects are often the direct result of asking the right questions during the initiation and planning phases of a project. By leveraging the Project Readiness Assessment, project managers can engage in open and candid conversation with project sponsors and other project stakeholders.

We recommend the readiness assessment as a way to assess and understand the likelihood of project success. Without it, risks are high, costs are more difficult to manage, and chances that the project goals are never realized increase.

Updated for 2020!

An Indispensible Tool for Project Managers

Over the past few years, Kiefer Consulting has continued to invest time to refine the categories and questions in the Project Readiness. This past month, we shared our Project Readiness Assessment with project management practitioners from across the region. The group provided valuable input based on their many years of experiences. Having a team of project managers that have the experience and expertise combined with a strong understanding of project delivery best practices is important to accomplishing goals established in the project charter. The goal with every project is to achieve a successful realistic outcome. The revised readiness assessment incorporates the group’s feedback to provide even better alignment with vendors, customers and external stakeholders.

We leverage the Project Readiness Assessment by evaluating the answers to the readiness questions. Once we evaluate the answers to the questions, we can “score” the organization’s readiness for successfully delivering the desired project goals and objectives. The readiness “score” helps to determine what actions are necessary to mitigate risk.

Defining Scope & Charter

Our experience has proven that the Project Readiness Assessment is crucial to defining the project Scope and charter. Our Project Readiness Assessment focuses on:

  • Leadership Readiness
  • Technical Readiness
  • Financial Readiness
  • and Staff Readiness

Understanding readiness from a technical perspective and an employee bandwidth perspective is central to determining cross-functional support of the project as well as the likelihood of project success.

If your organization already has a Project Readiness Assessment… great. If not, we invite you to leverage the work we have already done. If you are currently using your project readiness assessment and have projects that fail or fall short, you may need to update your project readiness assessment with better questions. This exercise may help you better understand your current state and outline your goals.

A Living Document

We believe that a Project Readiness Assessment is a living document. Even the version that we are offering up as a free download in this blog will look different 90 days from now. We have even used the Project Readiness Assessment as a discussion topic for Project Management students at universities to develop a greater understanding of the importance of project readiness. Those discussions resulted in revisions to the original assessment.

Even though many organizations have a form of readiness assessment, we have found that some assessments fail to ask the right questions. We openly share our Project Readiness Assessment with you. We encourage organizations to leverage the document and even more importantly, engage project stakeholders and improve upon it.

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The Project Readiness Assessment is a living document that can be adapted based on your organization. A Kiefer Project Readiness Assessment may be just what you need to get started in measuring project readiness.


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