Using electronic signatures to improve workflow.

In August, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to clarify how government agencies could accept signatures on documents electronically.

Brown signed Assembly A.B. 2296, which is designed to set clear standards around how state and local agencies can use both electronic and digital signatures. Read the article

We at Kiefer see AB 2296 as an opportunity for state agencies to streamline workflows and expedite processes. When the bill becomes law on January 1st, the state will have an opportunity to bring efficiency to workflows that were previously dependent upon physical signatures. Our partnership with Nintex and DocuSign allows us to build solutions in SharePoint that will help agencies automate and optimize.

If you’re not familiar with Nintex, it’s the company behind the leading workflow platform for streamlining business processes. DocuSign has built a connector for Nintex that helps users automate the signature gathering portion of dozens of common processes. With Nintex, DocuSign, SharePoint and Office 365 working together, it’s very easy for people to obtain signature approvals and bring efficiency to critical signature dependent processes. Nintex makes it easy to incorporate a required electronic signature into the business workflow. You simply drag and drop the DocuSign actions into the Nintex workflow to automate any process needing an approval, including non-disclosure agreements, work orders, audit sign-offs and employee onboarding tasks.

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Obtaining electronic signatures… Securely

When it comes to secure workflows, DocuSign meets the highest security standards and offers the industry’s most extensive set of certifications & tests, including ISO 27001, SSAE 16, PCI DSS 2.0, TRUSTe, and compliance with the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor policies regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data.

DocuSign offers a robust set of mechanisms and options to validate authenticity of the participants in a signing transaction. The platform allows agencies to choose from different authentication options for each specific case, including multifactor and two-factor choices.

In addition, agencies have gravitated to DocuSign as the electronic signature platform because it offers a digital audit trail for every envelope that captures critical information through application and system logs. It’s also a carrier-grade solution and it’s always available when you need it most – making secure sign-offs possible at any time, and bringing velocity to any business process.

A flexible platform

Based on the workflows you design, Nintex and DocuSign work together to figure out exactly which approvals you need in any given process. The software ensures that all required tasks are completed before a document advances in the workflow process. If the document requires a signature, it sits in the queue until the signature is obtained.

And once a document is signed, you can decide exactly what happens next in the workflow. That’s the beauty of dropping DocuSign into a Nintex workflow – it’s as flexible as it is smart. It can be customized for any business process.

DocuSign drives efficiency by making sign-offs possible anywhere and anytime. You can electronically sign a document at your desktop or on a mobile device. What is very interesting to me, is that nearly half of DocuSign transactions are completed within an hour! One hour! With this kind of workflow efficiency, it’s easy to see how DocuSign can speed up a signature dependent business process.

Nearly half of DocuSign transactions are completed within an hour

Easy to use

Even with all these moving parts, the experience of building a workflow using DocuSign or signing a document electronically couldn’t be easier. End users love simple and functional user interface of DocuSign UI. In fact, users don’t even need a DocuSign account to successfully DocuSign a document.

Gone are the days of waiting for an approver to sign a document, scan it, and email it back. Waiting patiently by a fax machine for a signed document is passé. The time is now for real automation and we can help!


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