What we like about Microsoft Teams.

As the Falcons and Patriots take the field this weekend, it’s the team that exhibits the best teamwork that will prevail. Sure, there may be some individual contributors that may have some major influence on the outcome of the game… but there is no denying that teamwork will determine who wins and who loses the contest.

Andrew Carnegie once said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” In reviewing Microsoft Teams, we can clearly see how Microsoft is leveraging it’s full Office 365 suite to bring individuals together and deliver results… together.

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This past November, Microsoft introduced Office 365 users to a new application. Microsoft Teams. Teams is an essential hub where teams can collaborate. As an organization, Kiefer has a team of expert consultants that work across many client engagements. We have been industrious in leveraging the Microsoft suite of collaboration tools like SharePoint and OneDrive to better connect our team, however, the idea of Microsoft Teams had us intrigued.

Like any new Microsoft Office 365 application, we had consultants that went right to work on running Teams through its paces. In our review of Microsoft Teams, there were a few features that stood out. We wanted to write a blog to highlight the functionality that makes Microsoft Teams a fantastic solution for groups that need to work together.


The chat experience in Teams feels like a typical chat experience, but its Teams threaded persistent chat capability that makes it unique. Team members can open group chats or communicate with team members privately. In chat, you can easily switch between teams and personalize chat messages with emojis, stickers and GIFs. Beyond chat, you can connect with team members using Skype. Chat is a great feature and we think we have a lot of clients that will like the persistent chat functionality.


Microsoft Teams also has two bots to enrich the Microsoft Teams experience, T-Bot and Who-Bot. T-Bot is a training bot. You can ask T-Bot questions and get a quick reply on how to complete a particular task. Who-Bot can help you find specific team members that can potentially answer a specific team-related question. There is a good write-up over at ONMSFT.

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Scheduling meetings in Microsoft Teams is a breeze. This video shows just how easy it is.

We like the integration with Microsoft Outlook and the roll-up of scheduled meetings is very intuitive. Also, the meetings interface is good-looking and user-friendly.


This Microsoft Team’s feature leverages Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business. With “Files”, you can access files shared across the team.

In Review

We have enjoyed working with Microsoft Teams. The platform is stable and it overlaps the Office 365 applications that we like working with. If you have Office 365 E1-E5, there is no additional charge for Microsoft Teams. We think many users that are going to be excited to try it. We encourage you to take it for a spin!


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