Governance can make your SharePoint migration magical.

Before you start moving all of your precious content from one system to another, be sure you have a Governance Plan in place. In a number of migration engagements, we have met clients that have successfully migrated content, however, their Governance Plan was as real as a unicorn.

It only existed in their imaginations. When we help clients with a migration, we make governance a high priority. Without governance, your SharePoint environment will lack organization, content will become unsearchable due to ad-hoc naming schemes, and permissions may “break” at the document level, which will cause users to experience “access denied” errors. We have had to help clients that migrated file shares to SharePoint and weren’t enjoying the benefits of SharePoint because they failed to carve out time for Governance Planning.

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Governance Planning is a best practice when implementing a new SharePoint environment and a critical step in the Kiefer migration methodology. A SharePoint Governance Plan is a guidebook outlining the administration, maintenance, and support of an organization’s SharePoint environments.  It identifies lines of ownership for both business and technical teams, defining who is responsible for what areas of the system. Furthermore, it establishes rules for appropriate usage of the SharePoint environments.

To start Governance Planning, follow the steps below:

Checklist for a governance plan when migration SharePoint

Governance Planning can often be one of the most difficult steps within the migration process.  It entails making decisions and establishing standards and policies for the whole organization, which could require cooperative input from many individuals. We have helped several clients with migration and our Project Managers work closely with managers and teams on the Governance Planning efforts. One of our Senior Project Managers wrote a blog on governance last year; if you haven’t read it, you can find it here.

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Electing or appointing a Governance Committee can simplify the process and shorten the time required to create a Governance Plan.  It provides a smaller, more controlled group to make SharePoint governance decisions on behalf of the organization.  Having managers or directors on the Governance Committee also provides increased authority for enforcement of the policies created.

Our partner, ShareGate, has written some excellent blogs on migration and governance. Their migration tools are some of the best and easiest to use and we’ve successfully leveraged ShareGate in many of our migration engagements. You can read more about ShareGate’s views on governance plans here.

If you are thinking about migrating documents to SharePoint or are considering moving your existing SharePoint environment to a newer version of SharePoint, we can assist you in building a migration roadmap. Contact us!


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