Vision 2020 and the focus on the future: Our thoughts on CDT’s strategic plan.

Next year, Kiefer Consulting will be celebrating 30 years of successful project delivery.  Over the last 29 years, we have had to stop from time to time and think about the company’s direction and strategy.  2017 was one of those years.  We took inventory of our portfolio and our partnerships, and we identified the “in-demand” solutions that would be critical to our 2018 and 2019 business plan.  It appears that we are not the only ones taking a hard look at our business.  The State of California is also working on a strategic vision.

A couple of weeks ago, the California Department of Technology (CDT) released an 11-page document entitled “Vision 2020”.  Vision 2020 outlines a vision for a statewide technology and establishes a strategy built upon these 3 pillars:

  • Create one digital government
  • Ensure secure delivery
  • Build a dynamic workforce

We applaud the leadership of Amy Tong (State of California CIO) and Chris Cruz (State of California, Deputy CIO) and we recognize the work that they have done to leverage technology in effective and innovative ways to improve government.  We also were pleased to see that Vision 2020 was authored with the collective input of hundreds of policy, program, and technology leaders from across the state.  The Vision 2020 plan does an excellent job of documenting CDT’s vision and helps our team in aligning with the goals and objectives of CIO’s in state government.

We are big believers in leveraging technology to improve processes, share information, and simplify how organizations do business… so it’s not a surprise that goal #1 in Vision 2020 got our attention.  The desired outcome of Goal #1 is:
“The information and services customers need delivered anytime, anywhere, and through the most effective, and responsive method possible.”

Change is good. But change is hard.

Between now and 2020, the State of California will seek to create “one digital government” and CDT has set a vision for increasing customer satisfaction through improved responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness of government services.  I read an article in TechWire that stated that “Vision 2020 is a vision for all California state entities, but not a demand.”  I can appreciate that view, but I do see that many CIOs across the state have a similar goal as it relates to improving processes and delivering better government services.

One thing we have learned in building solutions is that for things to improve, change is required.  Change is hard.  There are a lot of barriers to change.  Our own Andy Coyle recently blogged about the barriers to business transformation; we understand what to look for and how to leverage against potential resistance to transforming business processes.

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As a Microsoft Partner we have a broad portfolio of solutions that can help the State of California achieve Goal #1, but achievement of Goal #1 will be dependent upon how solutions are designed, deployed, and adopted.  At Kiefer, we know what it takes to effectively deliver a technology solution and to position an agency for success.  We are experts in understanding the potential barriers to business transformation and our team knows how to leverage against these challenges.  We know that technology alone will not improve a sluggish manual process.  We recognize that changing a process requires understanding the current process and working with users to design solutions that make their jobs easier.  It’s a holistic approach to solution design and frankly, not everyone understands what it takes to be successful.

Measurement matters

Vision 2020 has a focus on determining success based on measures; we too believe in measurement to validate the success and value of business transformation.  Kiefer has worked with clients to build easy-to-understand dashboards so the agency can quickly assess performance and improvement.  We agree that measurement is a key to management.

A look ahead

As I stated earlier, Kiefer also spent a couple months this year working on our company’s strategic plan.  We did our best to align with the priorities and objectives of our current clients and the marketplace as a whole. We were pleased to see that the goals outlined in Vision 2020 are reflected in our strategy for 2018 and 2019.  We were excited to see that our team’s expertise and our experience will be valuable to agencies throughout the state.

We look forward to helping departments across the state accomplish their goals and to delivering solutions that help transform the way they do business.  It’s an exciting time!  If you are looking to automate or optimize a process, let’s talk!  Kiefer Consulting can help.


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