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As the Nintex xchange conference kicks off this week, we wanted to write a blog that highlights how Kiefer is working with clients to improve critical business workflows in state and local government (SLG).

We are a Nintex partner and have leveraged the Nintex solution across a number of engagements to extend the capabilities of SharePoint. In most instances, Nintex is used to enhance the workflow solution and provide clients with an easy to use solution to build and customize other critical workflows.

Last year, we spoke with a number of clients in the SLG space that were excited about moving to Microsoft Office 365, the ideal platform for improving communication, collaboration and productivity across an organization. Unfortunately, Office 365 is so robust in its set of features, some clients aren’t quite sure where to begin.

There Is Hope!

We have suggested that clients look at the everyday processes. More specifically, identify the workflows that are slow, inefficient, or paper-based. These processes are ripe for improvement and provide a great jumping off point for organizations that are looking to make good use of their investment in Office 365.

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We recently helped a client that was spending an inordinate amount of time (physically) routing documents around the organization for signatures and approval. We built a solution in Office 365 and leveraged Nintex Workflow to automate the process. The paper-based process was digitally transformed. The client expressed that the new solution allowed users to see where the documents were in the process, sent notifications to approvers, and helped the organization accelerate the process by digitally routing the information as opposed to handing off the folder to an approver. In the end, we saw a 60% improvement in processing time. Furthermore, the increased visibility has helped the client identify various points in the process that present the biggest challenges and the process is now being optimized further for increased efficiency.

Experience Matters

Our team has the mix of technical resources and business analysts that can help you digitally transform. Our ability to look at a common process and identify the opportunities for improvement is what sets Kiefer apart. Our team has seen what works, knows what questions to ask, and can help you identify potential barriers to success.

Taking the First Steps

We encourage you to have a look at previous blogs, like “How the Pros Build Workflows in SharePoint” or “Improving Workflow with System Automation”. Or, download one of our infographics that highlights the things that you should consider when automating or optimizing a legacy business process.

One of our most popular eBooks is called the Consultant’s Notebook. In this free eBook, we identify the most common barriers to a successful digital transformation. It’s a must-have for any organization that that is serious about digital transformation and it’s a great quick read for any organization that has tried and failed to optimize a legacy process.

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Knowing Where to Start

Kiefer has been successful at building a number of solutions that are common across many state and local government agencies. If you are in IT and are looking to get that “quick win”, and you are eager to get users to start using Office 365, we have a few ideas for you. Let’s talk. We can start small and make some serious impact. Call us. Let’s talk!


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