Can you manage construction management projects in SharePoint?

As you may have heard, this year, Kiefer Consulting is celebrating being in business for 30 years. Yes. That’s right. 30 years!

Over 30 years, we have found that our focus changes quite frequently. As a company that is working with clients to provide technology solutions, the technology that our team is using becomes antiquated over time. One exception is SharePoint. We have been using SharePoint since the early days and been pushing the limits of the technology. We’ve partnered with third-party companies to extend the capabilities of the solution and we’ve invested heavily in education and training to assemble a team of expert consultants. We are often referred to as the SharePoint experts. We find it flattering… even though we truly see ourselves as so much more than just the “SharePoint” people.

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We’ve done a lot of stuff with SharePoint

We’ve built portals, public-facing websites, intranets, extranets, and custom workflow solutions. We’ve received recognition from clients and have received awards for innovative and useful solutions that were built on the SharePoint platform.

One such solution that we are particularly proud of is our Program and Project Control Solution that we built to extend the capabilities of a construction management software solution. This unique solution has been deployed and refined over the past 5 years. We have built a team and practice that truly understands the construction management industry and we have been successful in delivering comprehensive, customized solutions that go beyond the capabilities of a traditional construction management software solution. Our solution is compatible with industry-leading construction management solutions but is capable of delivering insights that simply are not available in other out-of-the-box program and project control solutions. A few features worth highlighting are;

  • Customized branding
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Project information
  • Program and project reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Information “roll-up”
  • Narratives
Image of a mock-up Kiefer built Program and Project control portal

The Kiefer team has developed strong expertise in the area of construction management and have learned a lot about the features, capabilities, and functionality that is important to users. One thing that is important to mention, we recognize that every solution we build to help in the management of program and project control needs to be customized to effectively meet the needs of the client.

“Dazzled by the dashboards”

The Kiefer-built dashboards are a significant differentiator when it comes to the project and program control solutions we have delivered. Having all the information all in one place and an easy-to-read dashboard makes the Kiefer solution a preferred solution. We are now leveraging technology like Power BI to enhance the user-experience and provide visuals that make data even easier to consume.

Illustration of the solutions Kiefer uses to build Project and Program Control dashboards.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the Program and Project Management solution for Construction Management, please reach out to me. I can introduce you to the team and they can show you what they’ve been able to build using SharePoint.

Contact me at (916) 932-7220.


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