Improving the Public Records Act (PRA) Request process.

Making public information available to constituents is a critical element of transparent governments, however, cumbersome processes can negatively impact an agency’s ability to respond to requests for information that the public is entitled to.

The Challenges

  • Many agencies lack the tools to effectively respond to PRA requests. The PRA request process is typically dependent upon aggregating paper-based information to appropriately respond to a public records request.
  • Agency staff is often burdened with tracking down documents, working with multiple departments, and contacting multiple colleagues across disparate locations.
  • The process is often very slow and makes it difficult to effectively respond to citizens.

The Solution

The Kiefer PRA Request Solution simplifies the process of requesting information and minimizes the burden associated with the fulfillment and delivery of public information. 

We’ve leveraged a proven and reliable technology platform to accelerate processes associated with PRA requests and fulfillment.

For many clients, this solution minimizes the time that is spent looking for information. The solution also makes it easier for citizens to request public information.

Automated notifications

The Kiefer PRA Request Solution notifies key team members when there is a request for a public record. Many agencies have multiple staff members that contribute when there is a request for a public record.

Improved visibility

The PRA Request Solution allows the agency to see what needs to be done to fulfill the request for public records. The solution also helps agencies comply with response-time mandates.

Simplified digital workflow

Citizens can request public information electronically and initiate a digital PRA workflow. Support documentation is compiled, and the entire process can be managed from a single dashboard that indicates missing items and shows what tasks need to be completed to fulfill the request.

Performance dashboards and reporting

The PRA Request Solution can help organizations assess their performance and response time as it relates to providing public information to a requester. The analytics can also help organizations identify bottlenecks in the PRA fulfillment process.

Searchable PRA archive

Past PRA requests that have been fulfilled by staff can be archived in a searchable digital repository.

Kiefer has worked with state agencies to understand best practices and has leveraged technologies that deliver outcomes and measurable improvements in key areas

Greg Kiefer, CEO / President, Kiefer Consulting

Public Records Act Workflow Illustration

The Benefits

Optimize workflow and improve processes.

Kiefer has worked with state agencies to understand best practices and has leveraged technologies that deliver outcomes and measurable improvements in key areas.

Leverage Office 365 and technologies you already own.

You’ve already invested in Office 365; let us help you leverage your investment by tackling commonly inefficient and manual processes.

So many priorities. How do you make an impact quickly?

Many agencies are trying to become more efficient, aiming to improve processes, and seeking ways to better leverage their technology investments. Let’s start small and get the results you are looking for… fast. The Kiefer Simple Solution Suite is a unique portfolio of solutions that Kiefer has built and refined for clients. Our understanding of these state business processes allows us to build simple solutions that help agencies achieve their desired business outcomes.

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See a Demo

We can provide your agency with a demonstration and overview of the solution. Please contact us at (916) 932-7220 to schedule time with one of our consultants. Click here for a one-page overview of the Kiefer Public Records Act (PRA) Request solution.


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