Broken business processes and where to find them.

There are a number of business processes that are critical to state agencies.

Unfortunately, some of these processes are slow and cumbersome. 

Kiefer has been trusted by numerous state agencies to help identify broken, sluggish and inefficient business processes. As one might expect, there are processes that are common across many agencies. Since many of these “back-office” processes are out of the view of IT, It’s common to see these processes managed manually with very little technology intervention.

Here are 3 things that you can look for when evaluating the efficiency of a business process. These 3 things would suggest that the process could be optimized. It is likely that the process could also be automated to a certain degree.

1. If your current workflow doesn’t support automatic notifications

Your workflow should notify a team member when action is required. If you can’t notify reviewers/ approvers, your workflow can likely be improved. Many agencies have multiple staff members that have a role in a workflow. They may be a reviewer or an approver. 

2. If you can’t tell where documents are in the review/approval process

Many agencies are unable to pinpoint where items are in their review process. This can lead to missed deadlines, lost documents, and inefficiencies.

Kiefer has helped clients manage workflow from an easy to read dashboard. Workflow analytics can also help organizations identify bottlenecks in their current process.

3. If your critical business workflow is paper-based

Many agencies rely heavily on paper in their workflow. Signatures and physical “sign-offs” require paper. 

Kiefer is helping clients transform their current process and enabling organizations to manage workflows digitally, Seamlessly, critical documents can be reviewed and approved electronically.

Kiefer’s SharePoint-based Simple Solution Suite helps agencies track missing items and easily determine what tasks need to be completed.

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So many priorities. How do you make an impact quickly?

Many agencies are trying to become more efficient, aiming to improve processes, and seeking

ways to better leverage their technology investments. Let’s start small and get the results you are looking for… fast. The Kiefer Simple Solution Suite is a unique portfolio of solutions that Kiefer has built and refined for clients. Our understanding of these state business processes allows us to build simple solutions that help agencies achieve their desired business outcomes.

Let’s talk. Let’s discuss how Kiefer can support your agency in becoming more efficient by optimizing and automating legacy business processes.


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