Introducing, The Kiefer Digital Transformation Maturity Assessments

The success or failure of a business transformation initiative hinges on an organization clearly understanding their organization’s digital maturity. If your organization has it’s sights set on digital business transformation, you must acknowledge your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, capacity for change, as well as your past success (or failures).

Before you embark on the business transformation journey, be careful to set realistic expectations and achievable goals.

This week, Microsoft is and its partners are hosting several events, sharing valuable information, and helping clients map change in support of what Microsoft is calling- California Digital Transformation Week.

We are recognizing the leaders, policy, and technology that can help meet the critical needs of today while investing in what’s needed for tomorrow, without leaving anyone behind.

Microsoft Corporation on California Digital Transformation Week (May 6-May 10)

Where To Begin

Before any digital business transformation project, Kiefer works with clients to understand what level of maturity best describes the client. There are 5 levels of maturity on the Kiefer Digital Maturity Assessment.

An image showing the 5 levels of digital maturity. Undirected, Contained, Invested, Strategic, and Pervasive.
The 5 levels of digital business maturity. This is the foundation of the Kiefer Digital Business Transformation Assessments.

This assessment is valuable and is the precursor to an important conversation about the organization’s “capacity” and “appetite” to increase their maturity level. Through this exercise, Kiefer has helped clients mitigate risks, set realistic expectations, and clearly understand the investments required in order to move from one level to the next.

Kiefer has crafted several maturity assessment models to identify characteristics of an organization and the common challenges that exist at every level of maturity.

Here are a few of our most requested maturity assessments;

  • Modern Workplace: Intelligent Workflow Automation
  • Modern Workplace: Modern Integrated Communication Platform
  • Modern Workplace: Collaboration Portals and Team Sites
  • Modern Workplace: Modern Intranet
  • Modern Workplace: Communication Platforms
  • Data Analytics and Data Visualization
  • Program & Project Control for Construction Management

If your organization is at a higher level of maturity, the enterprise value increases and the benefits become more significant. It’s our goal to help your organization identify the incremental change necessary and the barriers that could interfere with the achievement of your organization’s maturity goals.

Our approach is simple and numerous Kiefer clients have used the Kiefer maturity assessments as a tool to develop strategic business transformation roadmaps.

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The Digital Transformation Roadmap

Once an organization understands where they fall on the maturity assessment, Kiefer can work with the client and help them identify the most effective way to prioritize business transformation objectives and develop a digital transformation roadmap. The roadmap helps organizations approach digital transformation strategically and sets realistic milestones and goals for the organization. The roadmap provides short-term and long-term guidance for organizations that are digitally transforming legacy tools and processes.

Image of a Kiefer Proprietary Maturity Roadmap
2 of the Kiefer Maturity Roadmaps from Kiefer Consulting

Next Steps

We are happy to share our maturity assessments with you. All you have to do is ask!

Once you determine your organization’s maturity level, Kiefer can help you validate your assessment and offer advice that can help your organization overcome barriers, objections, and make strides in increasing your maturity level.

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Check out our free infographic that explains how successful organizations use the Kiefer assessment to make the strategic changes necessary to transform legacy processes: Chalk Talk: Leveraging Kiefer’s Digital Maturity Assessments.


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