Kiefer eBook: The CTO Playbook

The public sector CTO (Chief Technology Officer) holds a strategic role in organization and can have a major impact on how a department or agency operates.

Legacy processes, manual processes, antiquated applications and software, all present an opportunity for a CTO to help an organization make improvements. In addition to improving processes and infrastructure, the CTO can lead the organization by bringing innovation and new capabilities to an organization.

The proven technology leaders have a vision and support from executive leadership and a roadmap that identifies and rationalizes new capabilities and the business approach. The strategic CTOs are the leaders in driving innovation and making the changes that allow organizations to be more nimble and enable them to better serve the public. The ideal CTO will be a strategic thinker, an innovator and a change agent.

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Our latest eBook highlights the challenges facing CTOs as well as what technology leaders are focused on as they look to leverage technology to innovate and optimize.

eBook Highlights

  • Understanding the CTO role
  • Challenges facing CTOs
  • CTO priorities for 2019
  • How Kiefer Consulting is helping CTOs

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