Understanding Tech Intensity

At the recent Microsoft partner event, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, spoke about a philosophy that is driving Microsoft’s approach. This philosophy is called tech intensity.

While there have been keynote speeches at past Microsoft events that have caught us by surprise and reflect a significant departure in the organization’s direction, the idea of tech intensity is exciting. The concept builds on the vision laid out by Microsoft and aligns with the investment that Microsoft has made in Office 365, the platform that is fostering digital business transformation.

Several years ago, Microsoft introduced the concept of Modern Workplace at a partner event. We were so influenced by the idea that organizations should be able to collaborate and communicate without barriers, our company established a modern workplace practice group that became focused on helping Microsoft customers execute on the vision of a modern workplace.

By Microsoft layering in the tech intensity philosophy, Kiefer is bringing a comprehensive and complete vision to our customers.

What is Tech Intensity?

Nedella explains that there are two aspects to tech intensity: First, tech intensity calls for every organization to be a fast adopter of best-in-class technology.

Secondly, tech intensity also requires that organizations recognize the need to build their own unique digital capabilities.

The Value of Low Code / No Code Technology Solutions

To speed tech adoption, organizations need to be able to access the latest platforms, tools and training, so that they don’t have to re-create technology that already has been commoditized.

Microsoft Flow and PowerApps are fantastic examples of tech intensity in action. These are two applications have been designed to improve processes and empower all lines of business to build solutions quickly and deploy at the speed of business. Both of these Microsoft solutions do not require deep expertise in solution development, however, its imperative that organizations build a workplace culture that encourages capability-building and collaboration to spawn new, breakthrough concepts.

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We have helped clients use these tools to automate and optimize processes. It is also worth noting, exposure to these best-in-class solutions and the ability to build solutions quickly helps in creating a culture that is eager to seek out other opportunities for improvement and is key to building a culture that is innovative and

Unlocking the Power of Technology

Tech intensity is empowering users to build new capabilities and innovate, collaborate, and unlock the power of technology across everything they do.

Kiefer Consulting recognizes that as a trusted partner, clients expect that we can help them leverage technology to self-serve and develop their own solutions to improve processes and business efficiency. We can work with clients to develop a strategy and culture that advances an organization and allows them to achieve more.

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There will always been a need for more sophisticated application development, and the Kiefer team has the depth and expertise to help clients achieve their goals. But, we recognize the vision of tech intensity and the need to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. We are committed to helping organizations adopt best-in-class technology and build their own unique capabilities. We not only support this idea, we embrace it.


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