Customize Branding in the Power BI Service

“Look and feel” is an important consideration when building a solution that’s success is highly dependent upon user adoption. It is not unusual for our team of consultants to help customers in incorporating branding elements, so the application, website, or dashboard matches corporate themes. Power BI is no exception and organization’s have been looking to Kiefer to assist in the customized branding of the service and Power BI dashboards.

Brand consistency is vital to establishing user trust in using business intelligence dashboards to consume data and seek insights. It is important that users recognize that the data provided is “official”, vetted by the organization, and that they should feel confident that the data is reliable.

Users switching from a trusted corporate site or web property to an unbranded business intelligence dashboard is not preferred by organizations that are highly invested in delivering an exceptional and familiar user-experience.

We’ve been using Power BI at Kiefer for a while and we’ve customized dashboards by using corporate color palettes, adding graphics to the dashboard, and customizing banners that are “on-brand.”

Internally, our team has built several internal dashboards that are used to manage resourcing and operations. These dashboards are 100% Kiefer-branded and deliver data without compromising brand standards. These dashboards are undoubtedly “Kiefer dashboards.”

Screenshot of a Kiefer Power BI dashboard for resourcing.
This is a screenshot from one of our internal dashboards. As you can see, we applied Kiefer branding to ensure the dashboard has a Kiefer “look and feel”

Microsoft Announces Customized Branding Capabilities

Last week, Microsoft has made it easier for Power BI users to customize the look and feel of the Power BI service by adding the ability for organizations to apply custom branding. Furthermore, they made it VERY easy to apply branding and dramatically change the look and feel of the Power BI service.

Custom branding allows organizations to change the theme color of the top navigation bar, add a custom logo, and create a more engaging user experience by adding a cover image. Microsoft has published an article that will walk you through how to customize these 3 elements.

Scott Roberts Professional

Prior to the release of custom branding for Power BI Service, we would advise our clients embed their reports directly into their custom-branded applications. After this announcement, we’ll finally be able to recommend viewing Power BI reports in the Power BI service where the minimalistic layout sets the stage for your data shine! – Scott Roberts (Practice Lead, Data Analytics & Visualization)

You can learn more about this feature in this Microsoft announcement that appeared on the Power BI blog.

Customize and Apply Branding to Your Power BI Service

Microsoft Power BI Service now allows organizations to customize the following elements on the home page:

Screenshot of the new Power BI customized branding capability.
This is a mock-up of a customized home page. Check out the custom color in the navigation, the logo in the top corner, and the custom cover image.

Theme color:

You can choose the theme color of the top navigation bar. The navigation bar is on every page. We chose a blue background at the top to match the Kiefer brand. When our users are accessing the Power BI Service, they recognize that the dashboard is in fact a Kiefer dashboard.


Organizations can upload a logo that will be placed in the top left corner of the navigation bar. The logo will also appear on every page. There are a couple guidelines/requirements for the logo being uploaded to the Power BI service. The image must be under 10 KB and least 200 x 30 pixels in size. We prefer to use PNG files as opposed to JPEGS.

Cover Image:

While adding a logo to the Power BI service is a great feature, adding a photo to the top of the page is the coolest! We played around with images that have a darker filter over the top — so type and logos show up clearly. Make sure your image is under 1 MB and ideally 1920 x 160 pixels in size. Microsoft will also allow you to crop your cover image within the service.

Once you are happy with your changes to the branding, you can Preview your changes to the home page before making the page “live.”

If you like what you see, select Publish and the branding will be applied. All users will now see the customized and branded page!

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Need MORE Than Customized Branding?

Now, we get it… this is just basic branding. For a lot of organizations, this may be all you need. BUT, if you’d like to do something more, if you’d like to build dashboards that are highly customized, call us. We have experience in building sites and dashboards that are on-brand, engaging, and help organizations connect users to data and information they need.


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