Not Using OneDrive? Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

It was a dark and stormy night and when Brian turned on his computer, he discovered that his hard drive was not working. The computer simply wouldn’t turn on. All of his work was gone and there was no way to recover the files.

Scary stories like this are appropriate on a day like Halloween but this is not something we wish on anyone!

But, a story like this could have been avoided if Brian would’ve used OneDrive for Business (ODFB). ODFB is awesome, and if you have an Office 365 subscription, Microsoft gives you 1TB of storage in the cloud!

How does OneDrive for Business Work?

OneDrive for Business allows you to store, sync, and share your work files. If your organization has an Office 365 subscription, or SharePoint Server, you can save your files to OneDrive for Business.

Once your file is in OneDrive, OneDrive can be in several ways…

  • Work on a file across devices (tablet, PC, etc.)
  • Restore a computer by syncing files from OneDrive
  • Collaborate on a document shared in OneDrive
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ODFB allows you to sync important folders that are stored on your PC using OneDrive folder backup. The files are now protected and available across your other devices. If you haven’t already set up OneDrive on your computer, you should.  There is a great Microsoft support article that explains how to do it here.

Why Should You Use OneDrive for Business?

Access your files from any device

With ODFB, you can easily store files and access them from all your devices. If you make edits to a document offline, your changes will be automatically uploaded the next time that you connect.

Collaborate internally or externally

You can securely share files and work together in real-time by sending a link to the designated collaborator. It’s simple to send a link to a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document and collaborate in real-time. Co-author documents without having to compare versions or aggregate changes from contributors.

Protect your files

Not only can you stay productive with all your files in the cloud, ODFB also provides organizations with advanced encryption, compliance, and security features. Not only is your information secure, it’s protected.

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Leveraging your Investment in Office 365

The benefits of using ODFB are clear. If you are new to Office 365 and are trying to figure out how to get the most out of your investment, we can help. Please contact Kiefer and we can work with your organization in understanding what Office 365 application to use and when. Call us at (916) 932-7220 to learn more.


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