SharePoint Saturday returns to Sacramento on March 21

Kiefer Consulting is proud to sponsor SharePoint Saturday, Sacramento. This year’s free event will be held on March 21st at the Patrick Hays Learning Center in Sacramento. Register here.

Peter Allen and Andy Coyle will be presenting

Kiefer Principal Consultants Andy Coyle and Peter Allen have presented at several SharePoint Saturday events over the years, and this year is no exception.

Andy Coyle Professional
Andy Coyle, Principal Consultant

8:40 AM Session: Andy Coyle

Flow, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Flow

Flow, a tool, a Cloud based tool

Ray, the direction of the flow

Me, the guy, up on the stage

Fa, the distance that its come

Sew, you want to learn more flow?

La, anguage is declarative

Tea, run parallel paths

That will bring us back to Flow, Flow, Flow, Flow

Scale up you Power Automation with these Notes from the field. When it comes to MS-Flow, this session will be just like Beethoven, De-composing (the best practices).

This session is introductory for flow, but is considered, overall, intermediate since knowledge of how SharePoint operates and coding concepts are a requirement for understanding. It will cover the best practices of Kiefer Consulting when they construct a Flow for their customers. The session will be 75% demo, 25% slides. Flows will be created on standard lists/libraries and the exported flows will be available at the conclusion of the session.


  • What is flow
  • Nettlesome differences between Flow and SharePoint workflow
  • Limits and thresholds
  • Design principles
  • What I like about flow
  • What I do not like about flow
Peter Allen Professional
Peter Allen, Principal Consultant

9:50 AM Session: Peter Allen

Huba Huba Huba Hub Sites

In this session learn about: What are Hub Sites are. How to implement Hub Sites. Different ways to architect Hub Sites. Why to use Hub Sites. When to use Hub Sites. And yes, tips and tricks with Hub Sites.

We look forward to seeing you at SharePoint Saturday Sacramento. For more information, check out the SPS Sacramento website.


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