Go for Gold. Working with a Microsoft Gold Partner.

A Microsoft Gold Partner like Kiefer makes a big difference 

Living with uncertainty is something we’re all having to get used to. Whether it’s jobs and the economy or our health and safety, there’s just a lot right now that we don’t know. But there are still things you can count on, things you do know. One of those things is the team at Kiefer Consulting is your best choice for all your Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams needs.  

We understand that budgets are taking big hits and projects are being reprioritized. But we also understand that your organization has a mission, a mission that’s vital to you and your team and to those you serve. We understand that we all have to keep carrying on and that you’ve got a job to do. And we understand how to help you leverage Microsoft technologies so you can do your work.  

Our Team is Your Team  

Kiefer Consulting has been around for over 30 years because we believe in teamwork. Everyone at Kiefer is a full-time, benefitted employee and all of our consultants are experienced professionals who work at Kiefer because they believe in what we do – helping our clients succeed. We don’t succeed unless you do.  

Image of the Kiefer team getting together to Race at a K1 Speed in Rancho Cordova, California
The Kiefer team having fun at K1 Speed!

When you find yourself in uncharted waters, you want experienced sailors with you who know each other, who enjoy working together and who have a long track record of success. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can be certain our team is the most experienced and best equipped to successfully deliver your project. And as consultants to state and local government in California and beyond, our mission is to provide solutions to our clients that are of the highest caliber so they can continue the critical work of serving the public. 

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Even now, the Kiefer team is working with large government agencies, small utilities, healthcare organizations and educational institutions to help them navigate these challenging times. Every one of our clients is unique. Each of them has a particular set of challenges they needed help addressing. And we believe that’s why they chose to work with Kiefer. Not because we’re the cheapest or the quickest solution, but because we send our team to partner with our clients and deliver the right solution to meet their needs.  

We’re not in the business of quick fixes. We’re in the business of a team-based approach to delivering innovative solutions that help our clients for the long-term. And we’re also in the business of educating our clients so they’re confident and competent when our engagements end. We’re most proud when our clients don’t need us anymore because that means we did our job right – we delivered a solution and equipped our clients with the tools and abilities they need to be self-sufficient.  

So if you’re in a position in which you need help staying agile, staying connected and staying in front of whatever comes your way, we’d love to introduce you to our team. There’s a lot of uncertainty today. We can help you be certain you’re ready for tomorrow.  


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