Practice Makes Perfect: Kiefer’s Consulting Practice Areas

Kiefer’s expertise in our practice areas makes our team a perfect fit for your team. 

These are difficult and challenging times. It seems the moment we start to get our arms around one issue, another pops up. We’re all being pulled in numerous directions, asked to function in ways we’re not comfortable with and to do things we’re not sure we’re capable of. It’s taxing trying to manage the present. Looking ahead and contemplating upcoming needs probably seems exhausting. But you know you have to do it, so let us help you.  

Kiefer’s team of experts can help you plan and prepare for the future so your organization and your employees can stay focused, stay connected and stay productive no matter what the next challenge is. Kiefer’s practice areas represent decades of collective experience and expertise. Let’s take quick look at each so you can discover how we can help you succeed. 

The Modern Workplace 

Our Modern Workplace consulting practice develops and deploys innovative solutions that improve how organizations communicate and share information both internally and externally. Great, what does that mean? It means our team can help you create a workplace that works…for anyone from anywhere.  

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We all see the workplace changing before our eyes. Our team has deep expertise with SharePoint on-premise and Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), workflow automation, document management and a host of other tools to transform your organization into one that works just as well in the cloud as it does on site.  

Data Analytics and Visualization 

Data is being endlessly generated. There’s data about everyone and everything. But it’s all useless unless you can make sense of it. That’s what the Kiefer team can help you do. Our experts understand how to make data meaningful and can help your organization gain powerful insights by making your data more accessible and more relevant. From analysis and reporting to a full blown, business intelligence roadmap and Power BI implementation, Kiefer can help you see your data in a whole new way.  

Data Migration and Cloud Services 

Speaking of all that data being generated, you gotta put it some place. Fortunately, we can help you there too. If you need data moved, we’re the team for you. Want to get your .NET applications into the cloud, we’ve got you. Want to migrate your old SharePoint to SharePoint Online – we’ve done it hundreds of times. The Kiefer team can even help you leverage Micosoft Azure to transform your organization into a sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise.  

Construction Management Solutions 

And finally, we come to construction management…wait, what? When we’re talking construction management here at Kiefer, we’re talking about program and project control, the data side of construction. Any construction project has a lot of data and the bigger the project, the more data there is that needs to be managed effectively. Our team has developed new and innovative solutions to support program and project management for construction projects so your organization can open a window into your data and can keep a close eye on scope, schedule, budget, and risks from a single management portal. In fact, we’ve partnered with large construction firms and state agencies to roll out these incredibly powerful solutions and put them to the test. We can do the same for you. 

So, there you have it. Kiefer Consulting in a nutshell. If our practice areas have any crossover with your need areas, let us know. We’re here to help and we know that we don’t succeed unless you do.  


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