Making the Case for Upgrading to a Microsoft 365 G5 Plan.

Why it might be the right time for Microsoft Government Community Cloud (GCC) subscribers to consider moving from G3 to G5.

The times they are a changin’. Has your Microsoft 365 license kept up? The modern workplace of today looks a lot different than it did just five months ago. No matter your license level, Microsoft 365 Government Plans provide state and local agencies with a host of powerful tools that help make things like, say, suddenly transitioning to a remote work environment a lot more tenable. 

But if you haven’t given much thought to your current license level, you may find you’re missing out on features you could really use or that you’re paying more for a third party solution that’s included in a G5 license, or both. With that in mind, here at Kiefer we thought it would be helpful to share with you a few key reasons why it might be time to move from G3 to G5. 

Enhanced Security 

With a seismic shift in how we do our work, state and local information security officers and their teams are likely – and understandably – tied up in knots trying to ensure information remains secure and that their agencies and departments are adhering to established standards.

With a G3 license, customers are afforded some robust protections, including rights management, data loss prevention and email encryption. With a G5, those same protections are included in addition to sophisticated defense against zero-day malware, phishing attacks, as well as advanced threat protection and intelligence. 

Power BI

Included with a G5 license is Microsoft’s robust and versatile business intelligence tool, Power BI. With Power BI, you can pull data from apps and other data sources to create beautiful, real-time dashboards that provide deep insights into your data. With simple out-of-the-box dashboards for services like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Dynamics, you can visualize and make sense of data right away.

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Power BI helps users make data-driven decisions no matter where they are. Users can quickly discover patterns as they explore a single unified view of linked, interactive visualizations so your organization can quickly solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities as soon as they arise.

Conferencing Features

Some of the other advantages of the G5 license center around conferencing. Of course, with Microsoft Teams, you already have the industry’s leading chat, call and collaboration tool at your disposal. But with a G5 license you get even more.

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Organizations with a G5 license can conduct conferencing in which invitees can join a Microsoft Teams meetings by dialing in from a landline or mobile phone. This can prove especially useful when you need to include external participants in your meetings. G5 users can also leverage Microsoft’s Phone System to place and receive calls across a wide range of devices and place domestic or international calls from existing phone numbers. 

Do More With Microsoft 365

If you presently have an Office 365 G1 or G3 license, you have a lot of powerful functionality available to you. But as this new normal continues and its roots grow deeper, consider making the switch to G5. Does G5 cost more? Yes, but your organization may already be paying the difference – or more – of the additional cost per user for access to third party tools that provide similar features. By leveling up to G5, there’s a real chance you could actually save money while enhancing your productivity, intelligence and security. 


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