A better way to route, review, and approve: The Kiefer Review and Approve Solution

Updated: July 22,2020: Many agencies have processes that are highly manual in nature. These processes are typically dependent upon the serial review and approval of critical documents. We have often encountered processes that require multiple staff members to review, approve, and route documents to numerous stakeholders across an organization.

With organizations adjusting to a distributed workforce, certain processes are unsupportable. One of the most common processes to be impacted is a review, route and approve process.

The Challenges

  • Since many review and approval processes are manual, there is a chance that critical documents can sit with an approver for an extended amount of time, which will slow your review/approval process.
  • It’s often difficult to know which reviewer is reviewing the documents.
  • Manual processes can be unpredictable. It’s difficult to estimate how long an approval process might take.
Illustration of a typical serial review process
Typical “serial processes” require reviewers to review critical information and route to another reviewer for approval.

The Kiefer Review and Approve Solution simplifies the process of routing information for internal review and approval. This innovative solution transforms a traditionally manual and paper-based workflow into a fully electronic one. Internal stakeholders have improved visibility to where certain documents are in the approval workflow and the system has automated alerts to keep the process moving.

The Benefits

Automatic notifications

The Review and Approve Solution notifies reviewers when a deliverable is ready for review, when deadlines are approaching, or if specific tasks require attention. The solution sends the notifications automatically.

Improved visibility

The Review and Approve Solution provides you with instant visibility to where documents are in the approval process and who needs to review or approve.

Better collaboration

The Review and Approve Solution enables the entire team of reviewers and approvers to see feedback and input. The solution leverages industry-leading collaboration platforms to accelerate processes and improve team communication.

100% digital routing of critical documents

The Review and Approve Solution is the digital alternative to manual review/approval processes. Everything you could do in a manual process can be done electronically, including signing and forwarding documents. It’s easy!

Kiefer Simple Solutions Suite

Optimize workflow and improve processes

Kiefer has worked with state agencies to understand best practices and has leveraged technologies that deliver outcomes and measurable improvements in key areas.

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Leverage Office 365 and technologies you already own

You’ve already invested in Office 365; let us help you leverage your investment by tackling commonly inefficient and manual processes.

So many priorities. How do you make an impact quickly?

Many agencies are trying to become more efficient, aiming to improve processes, and seeking ways to better leverage their technology investments. Let’s start small and get the results you arelooking for… fast. The Kiefer Simple Solution Suite is a unique portfolio of solutions that Kiefer has built and refined for clients. Our understanding of these state business processes allows us to build simple solutions that help agencies achieve their desired business outcomes.


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