Free Consultation: Solving Your Distributed Workforce Challenges

We’ve built up decades of experience for just this moment and we invite you to take advantage of it.

It’s been called working from home. It’s been called remote working. But the situation the pandemic has forced organizations into is most aptly described as a distributed workforce. Though we’d been collectively inching toward this outcome for many years, we’re now in the midst of an unanticipated experiment. We’re all facing a common challenge but the toll of transitioning to a distributed workforce has resulted in a combination of issues that affect individual organizations uniquely.

Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, it’s estimated that about two-fifths of organizations had a distributed workforce in at least some capacity. But almost overnight countless businesses and government agencies found themselves in a situation few were prepared for. And with the onset of shelter-in-place orders came a host of challenges – technology infrastructure, business processes, human resources and employee relations. Many of the traditional, day-to-day nuances of running an organization became full-blown crises.

Solutions for a Distributed Workforce

You’ve no doubt read countless articles and blogs purporting to have the answers your organization needs. And while good advice abounds, general platitudes about how to make a distributed workforce coalesce harmoniously don’t really take into account the specific, unique needs of your business or agency. For the coronavirus, there is not yet a vaccine, so each case must be treated individually by experts. Likewise, for organizations, there is no one-size-fits all solution for a distributed workforce.

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As a leader, you are certainly aware that issues, obstacles and challenges exist. But you may not know exactly what they are, how to articulate them or, even if you do, how to address them. You need an expert to look at your case, to study the symptoms, and prescribe a solution based on years of experience.

Here at Kiefer we have that expertise. Like you, though, we never thought we’d be deploying that expertise in a situation like the one we’re all in. That’s why we’re offering new and existing clients a free consultation so we can help you not only identify organizational pain points but also provide you with a strategy to treat them.

Free Consultation: Improve Distributed Workforce Efficiency

Your free consultation will center around subjects vital to making a distributed workforce actually work. Together will examine mission-critical topics, including:

  • Communication and Employee Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Cloud Migration
  • Workflow and Process Automation
  • Self-Service Tools
  • Business Continuity
  • Security
  • Governance

From there, Kiefer’s experts can take a deep dive into how those subjects uniquely impact your business or organization. Working together, we can tailor a solution unique to your needs and help you chart a path forward.

Man working on a laptop in a chair.

The Kiefer team has decades of collective experience crafting solutions ideally suited for a distributed workforce. We call it the Modern Workplace and its one of our primary practice areas. Like you, we didn’t expect to be leveraging our considerable skills and experience that today’s challenges call for. Yet here we are, together. You have needs and we have the tools and talent to help you address them. Let us help you get started for free.

Contact Kiefer Consulting at (916) 932-7220 or send and e-mail to Brian Wallace ( to learn more or schedule your consultation.


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