Why Customers Want to Work with Kiefer Consulting

 It’s not just about getting the job done right, it’s how we do it that makes a difference 

When Kiefer Consulting was founded in 1988, the world was a much different place than it is today. If you’re over a certain age you can probably recall vividly seeing the early one gigabyte hard drives in the 80s. You know the ones – nearly the size of a computer tower and selling for $10,000.  

Person sitting at a 1988-era computer.
32 years ago… Things were much different. But at Kiefer, some things have stayed the same.

Obviously, many things have undergone – for better or worse – significant change since those days. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is Kiefer’s philosophy, which is why customers continue to seek us out to address their needs and deliver innovative solutions. So, what constitutes the Kiefer philosophy? It’s a combination of experience, training and teamwork. 


No business is perfect. And some employees will always be looking for greener pastures. But at Kiefer we’ve been fortunate to build a team with extensive experience and an average tenure greater than five years. Many of our senior staff have been with Kiefer for more than a decade. That’s because Kiefer cares about investing in our employees. From continuing education and certification to free tacos and go kart racing, we recognize that without good people there is no Kiefer. We invest in them so they invest in our mission. And that results in employees who love being here and, in turn, bring a wealth of experience to our clients.  

Cart racing at Kiefer


Of course we train our employees and provide them with opportunities to continue to grow. But we also train our clients. One of our priorities in every engagement we participate in is to train clients and their staff so they become the experts and so that they’re self-sufficient. At Kiefer we’re not interested in staffing – we don’t farm out our employees to fill positions elsewhere. We’re laser-focused on building the best possible in-house team. So when our team comes to work with you, you’re getting the experience and talent your project deserves. And along the entire way, we’re going to train you, we’re going to teach you and we’re going to document for you. Our goal is that, once your project has been delivered, you don’t need us anymore.   


Kiefer employees playing foosball at Red Bus Brewing Company in Folsom

More than anything else, teamwork is what we believe truly sets Kiefer apart. When we take on a project or bid on a contract, we’re always submitting a team. It’s our collective experience, capabilities and personalities that define Kiefer Consulting. Every employee brings a unique and valuable skillset to the table. So for every project we’re able to assemble an ideal team comprised of people who can deliver the best solution. The best solution isn’t a purely a result of technological acumen, either. Our solutions are the best because they’re crafted by a team that enjoys being together and working together toward a common goal. That’s why experience matters, investment in employees matters: because we’re building a team with intent. We’re building a team that will deliver the best solution to meet your unique needs.  

Like most technology initiatives, success rests not so much on the technology itself but on the people it will impact. For 32 years clients have come to Kiefer not just for custom development but also for culture development. At Kiefer our people deliver innovation and we believe that we don’t succeed unless you do. 


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