So much is changing. Why not change to automated governance as well?

Disruptors – they’re a favorite of the technology industry. Disruptors drive change and ignite innovation. They cause people to look at problems from new angles and formulate solutions they might not have otherwise considered.

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As we’re all too aware by now, there’s been no bigger disruptor than 2020 itself. This is the year that put into a blender the theory that remote work would slowly evolve and spread over the years. Think about how much has changed in just over six months. It’s pretty remarkable.

In response, countless businesses, government agencies and education institutions moved much of their operations online by way of Microsoft Teams. Given the extreme pressure to move operations online more or less wholesale, many organizations did so, understandably, without establishing sound governance.

The good news is that it’s not too late to implement a coherent Microsoft 365 governance policy. The better news is that Kiefer Consulting and AvePoint can help your organization automate governance.

Automated Governance

Look, we know governance isn’t all that exciting. And it’s easy to convince yourself you can get by without it. And that might be true in the very short term. But when it comes to a platform like Teams, your organization would be best served by staying ahead of information sprawl and by equipping yourself to do things like measure and monitor user adoption and establish roles and permissions in Teams.

As an AvePoint partner, Kiefer can show you how organizations can stay in control of Teams and the larger Microsoft 365 environment by leveraging automation. Automated governance means unburdening IT by empowering end users. By combining self-service tools, pre-set policies and scalable IT resources, automated governance allows end users to take a more active role in the management of Teams and SharePoint (yes, SharePoint. Remember, Teams is built on SharePoint. If you’re using Teams, you’re also using SharePoint).

Kiefer and AvePoint can help you establish a governance framework built on automated content and customization management tools. By utilizing a pre-defined set of capabilities, determined by your IT needs and based on roles and permissions, your IT team can move its attention away from basic IT tasks and toward your organization’s larger priorities.

Automated governance is an ideal solution for organizations that do not have a sufficient process for provisioning sites, managing permissions and/or managing the lifecycle of collaboration sites. It’s all the detail and effort that goes into a well-crafted governance plan, streamlined and packaged, so your IT team can centrally manage Microsoft 365 permissions and configurations; resolve in real-time policy and security violations; and make, move and manage content on schedule or on demand.

A Dynamic Duo

Kiefer and AvePoint, both Microsoft Gold partners, bring decades of experience in developing solutions for Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Azure. When you work with Kiefer and AvePoint, you’re accessing a partnership built around exceptional Microsoft 365 expertise. And now we’re teaming up to help other organizations deal with the disruptor that is 2020 by making a vital yet often overlooked function – governance – easier to implement, easier to manage and more effective through automation.

If you’d like to learn more about automated governance, please contact Kiefer. We can coordinate a demo of AvePoint and show you how simple it is to provision sites and manage them with the right tools.


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