What clients say about the Kiefer Team.

Several weeks ago, we published a blog that explained why many customers choose to work with Kiefer. We discussed our team’s experience, investment in training, and our approach to teamwork. But it’s also important to point out what clients tell us when they choose Kiefer and our team.

“This is the team we want to work with.”

A significant portion of Kiefer’s business is in the public-sector. This requires that we follow the process and respond to an RFP or an RFO. Unfortunately, even a strong response may not result in our team having the opportunity to participate in the interview process. A variety of factors may keep our team from having the chance to meet the client, explain our approach, or share our perspective on the client’s business challenge.

When we do have the chance to meet the client, we find that our team’s expertise, ability to clearly articulate the client’s vision and our ability to point to relevant examples that demonstrate our team’s success help to instill customer confidence in our ability to execute. We later talk to clients and what we frequently hear is this, “We wanted to work with your team”.

We understand that there is a lot that goes into deciding on what vendor should be awarded a contract. Skill set, cost, qualifications, proven track record on similar projects should all be considered. We have narrowed our team’s focus and designated principals in each of our 4 practice areas. We only pursue partnerships that match our core competency. We want to leave any interview with the client confident in our team and we want the client to recognize our team’s ability to successfully deliver.

“This is the team that can help us get this done.” 

When Kiefer is awarded a contract, there is a fair amount of excitement across the organization. There is a lot of work behind the scenes when Kiefer decides to respond to an RFO/RFP, so an “intent to award” is a big deal. It means that the proposal, the interview, and our price were on the mark. Most of the time, we have absolutely no idea who else may be competing for the business, but several years ago we talked about the competition and decided that we simply would not worry about who we might be competing against. We stay true to our proven approach, methodology, experience, and expertise.

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Getting a call from a client that is eager to get started is the best! When a client calls us with the news that we’ve been awarded the contract and they want to talk right away about bringing us board, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

“This is a team we can trust.”

Last week, our CEO, Greg Kiefer, received a phone call from a former client that asked us about who they should call to get support for a solution that we couldn’t build or support. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and if the client needed help with Microsoft products, we would likely be able to help. But, the client knew that even though we wouldn’t be able to help them, we would know whom they should call. It’s that level of trust we work hard to establish. We have created a reputation as a trusted partner, one you can call to get solid advice. We are the partner that will be open and tell you what is possible, what isn’t, what is recommended, what isn’t recommended, and why.

There are a lot of vendors out there. But with that said, we are committed to being the best in our 4 practice areas. We are very proud of our accomplishments, our reputation with clients, our valued partnership with Microsoft and our vendor partners, and our track record for successful project delivery. This is what sets us apart. This is the team you want to work with, onboard quickly and trust.


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