Innovation and Your Intranet

Traditional intranet experiences are being sidelined in favor of intranets that promote collaboration, communication and employee engagement.

Intranets have matured greatly from the days where HR owned all the content and communication on the organization’s intranet home page. Organizations are looking for creative ways to expose business critical information and the intranet is a logical place to share information and create a place for collaboration and connection. A well-built intranet has the potential to help in reinforcing organizational culture. We recently redesigned our intranet to create a more dynamic experience for our employees, one that enables more user input and helps distribute information across the organization with greater efficiency.

Share ideas / Solicit feedback

At Kiefer, we have incorporated employee polling, comments, and surveys into our intranet to enhance the intranet experience. These features help leadership stay connected and make it easy for employees to share ideas or opinions. We have used SharePoint and Microsoft 365 applications to expand features and capabilities of an intranet, enabling a feedback-loop that wasn’t available

A better place to share news and information

Recently, Kiefer participated in a vendor day with a department within the State of California. The department shared challenges and asked for ideas on how vendors might help in solving for some of these challenges. Instead of requesting ideas from the team via e-mail, we shared the news on the intranet and asked for feedback and comments. We have made some significant changes in how we communicate news to the team. We rely on the intranet.

With our team working remotely, we have discovered that sharing news and company information on the intranet is an effective way keep relevant news front and center and more accessible.

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Easy to update

We have several content contributors at Kiefer and we have found it very easy to keep our intranet site up-to-date with relevant information. In the past, we have helped organizations deploy beautiful intranets, but the organization did not have content editors or content to keep the site interesting. Stale information results in users becoming bored. We have found that sites that are easier to update are updated with more frequency are more likely to keep employees engaged. In addition, making news and events easy to update allow more non-technical users to share information with a larger audience.

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Innovative intranets require planning

Kiefer has a proven methodology to designing and developing intranets. The team takes time to mind map and gather requirements before building the site. The team works with the client on visual design and usability to ensure the site is branded and reflects the culture of the organization. While some may not see the role that an intranet can play in innovation, but we can help you build a site that promotes communication, collaboration, and enterprise innovation.


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