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One giant leap for communication.  

Given the transformative nature of 2020, organizational communication is more important than it’s ever been. Communication is most achievable when the number of platforms required is reduced. People work best together when everyone is on the same literal and figurative page.  

Being on the same page is what’s so exciting about one of the newest developments in the Microsoft 365 universe – specifically regarding the further enmeshing of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Recently, Microsoft announced the development of the Home Site App for Teams. The app will deliver the SharePoint intranet experience within Teams. So, let’s look at why this is such a big development for communication.  

A more cohesive user experience  

An image of a Microsoft SharePoint Home Site running in a Microsoft Teams window.
A Sneak peek of Home Sites running in a Microsoft Teams window.

For most organizations using SharePoint Online, the intranet plays a central role in how the organization communicates with employees and how employees communicate with one another. Meanwhile, especially over the last year, organizations’ use of – and dependency on – Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed.  

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Teams, as you may know, is at its core a window into SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Presently, though, that view through the window does not reveal things exactly as they truly are. Teams is brilliant for allowing users to communicate and collaborate while using the lists and libraries they are accustomed to in SharePoint. But missing from that cohesive SharePoint-Teams experience has been the intranet. That’s where the Home Site App for Teams comes in.  

Scheduled for a March 2021 release, the Home Site App for Teams brings the full-fledged SharePoint intranet experience directly into Teams. This means users within an organization will be able to conveniently access organizational news and resources across the intranet without leaving the Teams hub. It also further expands the capabilities of leadership and content creators to deliver a richer communicative experience through the Teams interface.  

Once the Home Site App for Teams is available, Teams will instantly become less of a window into Microsoft 365 and more of a gateway through which users and their organization can more fully communicate, collaborate, and connect with each other. In addition, the Home Site App for Teams is going to prove transformative in terms of accessing content, sites, and user personalization thanks to global navigation across sites, communities, and teams.  

What to expect 

As noted earlier, Microsoft says they’ll be releasing the Home Site App for Teams in March of next year, according to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. For those on the Microsoft government cloud, it does not appear the Home Site App for Teams is currently in the cards. Organizations will also need to be using the SharePoint modern experience to benefit from the app.  

Ultimately, the Home Site App for Teams should help organizations, as Microsoft likes to say, meet users where they are. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, many of us find ourselves on Teams. The Home Site App for Teams will make it simple to create a single destination for users to easily access the job-critical information that resides within the intranet without having to leave Teams to do it. It’s a good bet that will be one giant leap for communication. 


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