Government Community Cloud (GCC) now FedRamp High

Kiefer Consulting has been helping state and local government deploy technology for over 3 decades, and from the very beginning, security has always been a major concern for clients. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and recognize the importance of security. We have experts thatadvise clients on how to safeguard infrastructure, establish robust permission policies and governance, and leverage Microsoft 365 to secure critical business information.

Microsoft has not only built strong security features into the commercial version of the Microsoft 365 product, but has also gone above and beyond to become a trusted platform for government entities. The Government Community Cloud (GCC) is the highly secure version of Office 365 that was built for government and designed to support US government entities and those working with the US government to meet specific compliance and cybersecurity requirements.

Microsoft recently announced that the Office 365 Government GCC environment now has a FedRamp High SAR (security assessment report). This is great news for state and local government entities that have built their organizations on the Microsoft Government Community Cloud.

Kiefer’s team understands the difference between Microsoft 365 Commercial and the GCC. Contact us to learn more and talk to our team.


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