Why should you hire Kiefer Consulting?

Kiefer Consulting has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of organizations over the years. We have been fortunate to work with extremely talented individuals and teams. We have even had the honor of working with some clients on multiple occasions. While some clients see the immediate need and value of working with our team, some clients may have a challenging time with the idea of hiring consultants when they already have in-house talent.

In our experience, we have worked with clients that were reluctant to hire Kiefer Consulting because they were convinced that they could build a solution, roll out new technologies, improve a process, or upgrade infrastructure without help. Some organizations decide that they can use their own employees and save money. We have seen some organizations successfully achieve their goals and others that fail to reach them.

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Why do companies hire Kiefer?

This is a great question! In answering this question, we not only can explain why our clients hire us, we are also highlighting the benefits of working with a consultant and why hiring a consultant might be a good idea.


While an organization may have a strong team, they may not have the expertise of a consultant. Kiefer has helped many clients solve business challenges. This experience has prepared our team to be better prepared when delivering solutions for our clients. The proven methodologies and the success stories are what sets our team apart.

In addition, it is critical that our team members keep up with new technology. Microsoft has earned a reputation for rapidly introducing new functionality to Microsoft 365. Our team must stay on top of these changes so they can teach clients what they need to stay competitive.


In my 5 years with Kiefer, I have recognized that our team listens more than they talk. They are listening intently to discover subtleties that can help them better understand the problem or potentially uncover possible unrealized root causes. The fact that our team is not a part of the organization enables us to be impartial and enables our team to see the problem differently.


A consultant can supplement your staff. While many organizations have made a practice of hiring to fill an internal gap, it may make more sense to leverage experts when they are needed. Consultants can be brought in to solve problems, share best practices and can mentor staff to maintain and sustain what has been implemented. Using consultants as opposed to hiring staff eliminates the need to hire, cover benefits and manage additional staff.

Change Management Practitioners

Our team of consultants have a long history of helping organizations improve. Improvement typically requires change. Our team understands what makes an engagement a successful one and how to help an organization in adapting to new technology, a new way of working or a change in a legacy process. By bringing Kiefer in, the organization can defer to the experts to help in minimizing organizational resistance.

Work with our team

We have been doing this for a long time and our clients will agree that the benefits of working with a consultant (and more specifically, Kiefer Consulting) are numerous. Check out our case studies on our website to learn more about what we’ve done for clients, how we work with customers, and what clients are saying about working with our team.


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