Appreciative and thankful for the connections and partnerships that have been so important when we find ourselves socially distanced.

This Thanksgiving will not feel like the Thanksgiving we’ve grown used to at Kiefer. Traditionally, the day before Thanksgiving, the companies that share space in our building all get together for a potluck in the afternoon. Our employees step away from their on-site locations to catch up with their fellow team members back at the Kiefer office. It is a simple tradition, but one that we look forward to.

Traditions like this one have been canceled due to the pandemic and we’ve made efforts to find new ways to stay connected. You may have read about the games that we’ve started playing at Kiefer. Every couple of weeks, we get together online for a virtual round of Pictionary, Family Feud, or the Match Game. Sure, it is not a substitute for our highly anticipated team building activities that we organize quarterly, but we still get strong participation from our employees. The opportunity to get together is still very much appreciated.

This time of year is also a time of reflection. The week after Thanksgiving represents that final push to the end of the year. We start to evaluate how the company has performed, whether we’ve achieved our goals, what worked well, and what may have not worked so well. This is an area of focus for our executive team during the last 5 weeks of the year. This is the time of the year where we compare our achievements against the goals we set in January.

In January, we didn’t realize that one of the goals that we were setting would be so relevant. In our 2020 plan, we highlighted PARTNERSHIPS. Choosing to focus on building strong partnerships was important to us. Our goal was to establish trust with our partners, strengthen existing relationships and establish new partnerships by sharing knowledge.

This year, we discovered that that strong and lasting connections was just what many people (and organizations) needed. Organizations that found themselves trying to support a remote workforce without knowing where to start needed companies like Kiefer. We provided free services to these customers and helped them better support their distributed workforce.

Our relationships with our business partners was important during the pandemic because events, tradeshows, and industry events were all canceled. We helped connect partners with our clients and relied on strong relationships to help clients and partners succeed. A special Thanksgiving greeting going out to the Ray Morgan Company, Nintex, AvePoint, PixelMill, and Sharegate. We appreciate you!

We are thankful for our employees, customers, and our partners. This Thanksgiving, we are recognizing the importance of good relationships and the value in making the investments to strengthening them… not just for the sake of the business, but because we want to be more than a company you just do business with. We want to be the people you know, trust, and the people that help you succeed.


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