Bingo on Teams? Yes, Bingo on Teams

Classics never go out of style 

It’s been a long, challenging year. A while back we gave you some ideas on how to liven up your virtual team meetings by playing games together – games like Among Us, Family Feud, Pictionary and the Match Game – using Microsoft Teams. Back then we were all pretty eager to inject some fun into an otherwise stressful, strange time.  

As the months have worn on though, you’d be forgiven if you’ve let that sort of thing languish. But now’s your chance to re-engage with your team and bring some holiday joy to your remote meetings with a few rounds of the classic game of Bingo!  

Bingo? Yeah, Bingo. Think about it. It’s tailormade for virtual meetings. We’ll spare you the instructions on how to play Bingo. It’s just one of those universal things that everyone knows how to do. But what you could use is a free Bingo number generator and a free Bingo card generator. What we do at Kiefer is create image files of about 30 Bingo cards which are then numbered. Bingo players choose a numbered card, copy the file locally, and it’s then scratched from the master list.  

You also need a Bingo caller. There’s someone on every team who would be a great Bingo caller. You know who that person is. Once you have your caller, everyone playing opens their Bingo card image file – you can use MS Paint or whatever you like to mark your spots if/when they’re called. Then, the caller starts calling out numbers and…again, you know how Bingo works.  

When we play at Kiefer we get about 5 or 6 rounds done in an hour. It’s super simple and very easy to do. But here’s the secret – it’s not really about Bingo (though we do give out small prizes for each winner). It’s actually a great device for people on our team to relax and have genuine conversations with each other in a fun setting.  

Image of Kiefer team playing Bingo in Microsoft Teams

It’s been easy to forget about fun lately. And honestly it doesn’t look like there’s a ton of fun on the horizon, either. So Bingo, silly as it is, is really just a reminder to take the opportunity to bring a little joy to your team. We never truly know what our colleagues are dealing with, especially during the holidays, so maybe Bingo or one of the other games we’ve played on Teams is something that gives them a much-needed boost.  

Bingo on Microsoft Teams, it doesn’t get any easier than that…unless your next game is 20 Questions.  


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