Do you want a consultant or a “Trusted Advisor”?

The Trusted Advisor label is coveted by the members of our team. It means they have reached an elevated status with our clients.

Kiefer Consulting’s reputation as a strategic partner is rooted in our long history of successful project delivery. Our team members have earned the respect and trust of our clients and we are proud of the fact that we are often viewed as the Trusted Advisor.

What is a Trusted Advisor?

A Trusted Advisor is one that takes the traditional vendor-client relationship and creates value that earns him or her a seat at the client’s table. This seat is reserved for strategic partners that help a client in making business critical decisions. Oftentimes, these decisions may not directly align with a product or services that the Trusted Advisor can offer. Trusted Advisors are also the first to know about long-term strategies, initiatives and roadmaps. Because they are so entrenched in the business, they know the stakeholders and the factors that may have a bearing on the success or failure of a project or initiative.

Kiefer’s Approach

Our goal at Kiefer is to become a Trusted Advisor. We strive to make recommendations based on past success, best practices, and “client capacity” paired with “client appetite”. We aim to establish ourselves as a resource that should be leveraged early, before major decisions are made. We can advise clients on how to best approach a technology initiative or a how to prepare for major a transformation to the business. A Trusted Advisor can share experience and wisdom that will set the client up for success.

While Kiefer does have a team that manages the sales process (which includes business development, proposal writing, etc.), our consulting team is at the core of our sales strategy. Their focus on the client and their reputation as a trusted advisor results in repeat customers, lasting relationships, and references. We appreciate that our consultants are emphasizing their role as a true business partner.

The Kiefer Difference

Prioritization of customer goals

In 2019, Kiefer took a close look at our areas of expertise and built 4 practice areas to serve our clients. This shift allowed us to focus on what we do well. Our partnership with Microsoft has afforded us good relationships with a pool of vendors that we know and trust. Even if there are products or services in the Microsoft portfolio that we don’t support, we can help clients in finding a qualified partner to support them. This is the relationship we strive for. We want to be the first vendor that the client calls when they have a goal or project in mind. We want clients to recognize our professionalism, competency, and ability to help them achieve their goals… even when there isn’t a direct benefit to Kiefer. Our goal is to be the long-term partner that is there to help the client’s wherever they may be.

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The Kiefer model is not a traditional one. We are not a staffing firm. We have a team of full-time benefited employees. Our average tenure is 5.2 years. We have 4 structured practice areas with principal consultants leading each area. This allows us to get ahead of trends, customer needs and the technology that allow us to best serve our clients. Principals lead our engagements and become an extension of client team, often being tapped for advice, direction, or to share relevant best practices. In our experience, this is exactly what clients say that they want. Unfortunately, in some instances, this is not what they get. There is risk in not having a team that can help you in understanding the “best” path forward. Execution without experience often results in solutions that fail to meet the real needs of users.

Great Relationships

We have clients that often drop us a line to say hello or tell us about other emerging initiatives. As a Trusted Advisor, we have clients that call us to “pick our brains” or ask us the classic question…

“If you were us… what would you do?”

This is the kind of relationship that we cherish, and it is the type of relationship that has sustained Kiefer for over 32 years.


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