The Principal Consultant

Two years ago, Kiefer made fundamental changes to better serve our customers. A major change was the introduction of principal consultants.

Kiefer Consulting is celebrating our 33rd year in business this year. Over the last 5 years, Kiefer may have experienced more changes than in the previous 28 years. The shift to cloud technologies and a rush to modernize the workplace has required that Kiefer restructure our business to be the preeminent provider of Microsoft related services. We examined our competencies and aligned our team with Microsoft’s solution strategy. When all was said and done, we had 4 practice areas and 4 teams that could deliver services in modern workplace, data analytics and visualization, cloud services and migration, and construction management.

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Introducing, The Principal Consultant

Establishing the service area was our first step. Our second step was determining how to keep our practice on the leading edge. We determined that the best way to do this was by creating structure in each practice area. The practice areas are led by a team of principal consultants that can lead our teams in engagements and advise Kiefer leadership on trends, best practices, and future investments. Principal consultants are the technology leaders that Kiefer relies on to stay ahead in an industry that is rapidly changing.

We have 4 principal consultants that lead our 4 practice areas. Each practice area is made up of consultants that have earned Microsoft competencies that prepare them for project delivery in one or more practice area. In every engagement, our Operations Team, Service Delivery Team, and Sales Team consider the requirements and assemble an experienced delivery team with a complimentary skill set, typically with a principal consultant designated to lead. Our approach and our ability to assemble the right mix of talent is our key to helping our clients achieve incredible results. We are confident in our service delivery model and recognize that the right team is at the foundation of successful project delivery.

Technology Leadership

Microsoft 365 revolutionized how organizations worked. Software that is critical to your business is updated with new features overnight, literally. Users open Microsoft 365 applications one day and the very next are greeted by a new interface, new tools, new capabilities, or new integrations. We recognize that we needed to be in front of the changes and updates to Office 365. At Kiefer, we are giving our principal consultants time to familiarize themselves with these changes and providing them with opportunity to disseminate this information to the rest of the Kiefer team. We have implemented methods to ensure that our principal consultants can share critical information with other consultants on the delivery team and keep everyone up to speed as it relates to relevant updates to Microsoft 365.

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Our principal consultants often lead the delivery team and serve as the Technical Architect on Kiefer projects. This was an important shift in how we deliver projects because it allows our principal consultants to lead on several projects. Each principal consultant is able to spend time each week directing the work/development effort on multiple projects. The principal consultants work closely with Kiefer Project Managers to ensure successful delivery on the project and help to ensure that the solution will meet the needs of the client. In addition, Kiefer leadership can collaborate with principal consultants and leverage their expertise in discussions with potential clients, existing customers or with partners.

A Beneficial Change

We have seen the benefits of having a team of qualified principal consultants at Kiefer. It has helped us accomplish the goal of staying on the cutting edge. Our clients get to know our principal consultants and their knowledge and expertise has helped establish Kiefer as having one of the best teams in the industry. Our principal consultants are the reason clients come back to Kiefer and it is why we are viewed as trusted advisors. If you have an idea for a project or are looking to do more with Microsoft 365, contact us. We would love to introduce you to one of our principal consultants.


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