Interact with Power BI Datasets in Excel Using PivotTables

For those who are data nerds like me…. I found a new way to interact with Power BI datasets in Excel using PivotTables. In this basic tutorial, I can show you how to bring the data into Excel for analysis.

Click Insert tab and you should see an option to create a PivotTable from Power BI.

Screenshot of PivotTable dropdown in Excel

A flyout panel will appear with all of the datasets that the user can choose from.

Image of Flyout text for moving data into Excel from Power BI.

After clicking on the dataset you want, a blank PivotTable will be created and you will see all your Measures and Tables in the fields list. From there, a few clicks and you will have a report showing all the projects you worked on. Users can pull data data through their data gateway, into the Power BI tabular model, and out into excel for exploratory analysis.

Image of data in Excel from Power BI

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