Microsoft Lists App now available for iOS.

Back in September, we announced Microsoft’s release of Microsoft Lists. We are happy to share that Microsoft Lists is now available for iOS and brings the power of SharePoint to mobile devices with a clean and simple interface.

The Microsoft Lists app is a powerful app that you can use to track information or organize work across a team. We see it as a robust version of the features and capabilities that were introduced in Microsoft Planner. You do need a Microsoft 365 license that includes SharePoint to use Microsoft Lists or the Microsoft Lists mobile app.

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As we shared in previous blogs, Microsoft Lists built on SharePoint and enables users to track information or manage a project. Lists comes ready to use and are simple to customize. Microsoft allows you to create a new list, import from Excel, generate a list based on a previously created list or even use a template that can be used for a common information tracking scenarios.

Image of Microsoft Lists Screenshot showing Issue Tracker.
Create an Issue Tracker in Microsoft Lists.

There are several features that we are very excited about. You can even see a short Microsoft video that shows you Lists in action!

Bringing Microsoft Lists to iOS allows for Lists to be a relevant tool for the modern workplace. Here are a few features of Lists that Microsoft is promoting in the iOS App Store.

  • Track and manage lists wherever you’re working
  • See recent and favorite lists
  • View lists even when offline
  • Edit your lists and list items
  • Create, share, and track lists with anyone
  • Customize your views using sort, filter, and group by

Another notable feature of Microsoft Lists is the ability to add automation using Power Platform.

Image of event itinerary in Microsoft Lists
It is easy to create an event itinerary in Microsoft Lists and attach details to each list item.

Microsoft 365 users can build custom productivity apps using Lists as the data source. In addition, you can extend forms with Power Apps and customize workflows with Power Automate. Routing and notifications can bring users the capacity to do more with Lists and organizations will have another powerful collaboration tool available to them.

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We are excited about the possibilities presented by Microsoft Lists and will be happy to share a few practical use cases if your organization is interested. Contact us to learn more about Lists.


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