Better Project Delivery: Knowledge Transfer and Self-Sufficiency

Clients often ask us to explain how we will deliver contracted services. After years of refining our delivery methodology, we realize that our approach is often what sets us apart. In this blog, we talk about knowledge transfer and training for self-sufficiency.

Introducing a new solution often comes with a new way of working and the use of new and unfamiliar tools. While we are generally confident that the new solution will deliver better outcomes and more desirable results, the success of the solution is generally dependent upon how users receive the solution. Therefore knowledge transfer is an important consideration when we deliver a project.

Knowledge Transfer Is Not a One Time Event

Traditionally, training comes at the end. We have seen countless work plans that show training and knowledge transfer coming at the very tail end of a project. This is not how we as an organization deliver projects.

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We do not view knowledge transfer as an activity that is addressed in the later phase of the project. We believe that knowledge transfer should be delivered at every phase and that interaction with the project team and stakeholders is critical. We deliver with the goal of deploying a solution that is client-supportable.

“The goal is to finish the project, hand over the “keys”, and let the customer drive.”

Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer

Kiefer Consulting places a high value on the importance of mentoring and knowledge transfer. From team mentoring within our company, to providing mentoring services to each client, we understand the criticality of communicating technical specifications to the users that will require such information to maintain systems.

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Knowledge transfer is tailored to the client based on requirements, appetite, and capacity. We adapt our approach and can come at knowledge transfer from several different angles. We can deliver expert training sessions, demonstrations, and provide technical documentation to your team. Kiefer documentation is intended to offer our clients a useful tool that includes structured and detailed descriptions of the configuration, code, deployment, tracking, functions, operations, and processes required to complete and maintain the solutions. This is critical, and without it, there is risk that the solution will not be embraced by users and will ultimately not be adopted.

Better Processes Result in Better Solutions

There are many nuances to our delivery methodology. These nuances are critical to delivering a phenomenal customer experience and successfully delivering a project. If you have a project and would like to talk to our experts, contact us.


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