The Future of Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams

Teams makes Microsoft 365 feel less like “point-solutions.” In this blog, we explain why this is important.

As a Microsoft Partner, we have had countless conversations with customers about when they should use specific applications in Microsoft 365. We have observed clients finding specific functionality in an application that may also be available in another application within Microsoft 365.

As consultants, we have to point out the benefits of using one over another and work closely with the client to establish policies and governance. Policies and governance help to ensure that users understand what applications they should be using and when they should use them. Without governance, there are opportunities for redundant information to be saved to an enterprise repository and risk of duplicative content. Duplicative content can result in several versions of the same document and users not being able to identify what is the most current or accurate information.

What to use and when

We have found that much of the confusion related to what to use and when has been resolved with Microsoft Teams. Teams is efficient at creating a single interface that delivers a seamless user experience. Users do not have to open a variety of applications to stay productive. Teams is tapping into the capabilities of Microsoft 365 in the background and allows users to share files, create task lists, send messages, and manage projects without ever having to leave the Microsoft Teams application.

When users shifted to remote work and Microsoft Teams became the way remote workers would work together and collaborate, we saw an increased appetite to do more with Microsoft Teams. Organizations that were once averse to leveraging the cloud, had a change of heart and were leveraging tools like SharePoint and OneDrive to share content and collaborate in real-time. Microsoft Teams and the improved user experience has resulted in users doing much more with Microsoft 365 and a desire to do even more.

Microsoft‘s investment in Teams

There is not a doubt that Microsoft Teams is a game changer and Microsoft has seemed to continue to make significant investments in Microsoft Teams.

At Kiefer, everyone has Microsoft Teams open and running, all day. Teams is where work is getting done, where colleagues collaborate, and how remote workers stay connected.

Indispensable tool for the Modern Workplace

As an organization that has been advocating for offering flexibility in how organizations work, our enthusiasm for Microsoft Teams should not come as a surprise. Since March, we have met with many organizations that have expressed interest in doing more with Teams.

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Teams has replaced the way we used to reach out to our fellow team members on an urgent matter. We used to go with the e-mail and follow it up with a text message. Now, we just send a message in Teams and we know we will get a response. We also use “commands” in Teams to share our availability with members of our team. Teams is the preferred alternative to e-mail for internal communications. We have discovered that Teams allows us to communicate with greater efficiency and add colleagues to relevant conversations.

The pandemic has required that our organization standardize on new tools to better operate in the “new normal”. We have done just that. In addition, we have been generous with our time and have helped other organizations do the same. We have not reached the end of the tunnel yet, but we think when we do, things will be much different than when we went in. We can help you in your journey to find the right tools, establish policies and better support your organization during this complex time.


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