“Back Me Up Here” – Backing Up Microsoft 365

While cloud services offer back-up capabilities, will these capabilities meet your needs?

We have met with customers that have asked about the security of Microsoft 365. The bottom line: we believe that Microsoft 365 is MORE secure than any on-premise, client-managed environment. Microsoft fends off 7 trillion cyberthreats per day, and allocates over $1 billion each year to cybersecurity. Microsoft 365 has seen many enhancements to the security to the platform over the last several years including email encryption and threat protection. It is also been reported that Microsoft data centers are highly-secure and have high standards to help ensure user data is secure.

Moving to the cloud and leveraging Microsoft 365 will give you a sense of security, but Microsoft (and even Salesforce) have recommended third-party backup to protect your data. Third-party solutions allow organizations to recover quickly from data loss with a simple to use and reliable backup solution that is working quietly in the background.

Solutions like AvePoint’s Cloud-to-Cloud Backup help to ensure that you can recover from data loss events related to permissions, corrupt content, user error, an outage, or even a more sophisticated data loss event, like a ransomware attack.

We wrote an in-depth article that discussed recovering data from the SharePoint Preservation Hold Library after a discussion with a client that had lost several thousand documents and had no way to recover the documents. The items were not only deleted from SharePoint, but they were deleted from the Recycle Bin. The client was hopeful that these files might be recoverable.

With a cloud-to-cloud backup solution, these files would have been recoverable, but without it, the process to restore the files would be time consuming. Not impossible. But, restoring the files would likely require a PowerShell script that would spin through all the files in the Preservation Hold Library.

Why use AvePoint to backup Microsoft 365?

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup from AvePoint runs automatically and will protect an organization’s data on day one. In addition, it is a scalable solution and can work for organizations regardless of their size. Kiefer Consulting is an AvePoint partner and we have seen an increased demand for the features of cloud backup, especially with clients that have experienced a data loss event in the past.

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Kiefer recommends that organizations evaluate the need for third-party backup when creating a governance plan for Microsoft 365. Deciding that backup would have been a good idea after a data loss event will be too late, and the data that has been lost will not be recoverable. Kiefer can help you in building a governance plan and help you in determining whether a backup solution makes sense for your organization. Contact us to learn more or to see a demo of AvePoint Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.


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