We are hiring! 2020 presented us with many challenges, but we are excited about the future and are looking to fill a few key roles on the Kiefer team.

Several years ago, our leadership team took a hard look at the services we offer, how we deliver, and what makes our team stand out from the competition. We have articulated the Kiefer difference in proposals, interviews, and with our partners. One thing that sets us apart, is our team. We are proud of our ability to bring a talented and experienced team to every engagement.

Team Chemistry

Team Chemistry is so important, we have even written a blog that summarizes the importance and value of team chemistry in an engagement. We believe in not only bringing a client a highly qualified team, we also recognize that a team that has successfully delivered in the past are the team members that we should pair together again. The experience our individuals have working together result in better outcomes for our clients

Knowledge Sharing

We are a tight-knit team and we have put practices in place to help ensure that all of our team members are communicating with one another. We use monthly tech briefings and internal huddles to share project success, lessons learned, and to have team members highlight the capabilities of new technologies that may have been used to deliver a solution. This knowledge sharing helps to ensure that we don’t operate in silos, collaborate, and deliver with the consistency that has made us the preferred Microsoft 365 consulting partner for numerous public and private sector customers.

Full-Time Benefited Employees

One thing that makes us different than other consulting firms in our region is our model. Many companies in the consulting space hire qualified resources based on demand for specific services. We don’t do that. We have a team of full-time benefited employees that are ready for project onboarding, immediately. By narrowing our core business, we know what talent we will need and we have all the right resources ready to deliver.

We are now at a place where we need to add a few people to our team. We are a top-tier firm and we are looking for top-tier talent. If you have expertise in Microsoft 365, data analytics, Azure, and/or custom development, we should talk. We are growing! Kiefer Consulting is an equal opportunity employer and we provide a generous benefits package that includes medical and retirement.

Taking it to the Next Level

If you have the experience and want to surround yourself with top-talent, check out our careers page. Send us your resume and lets talk about how Kiefer Consulting can help take your career to the next level.

We are currently reviewing resumes for SharePoint Analyst/Information Architect, Business Intelligence Data Engineer and Associate Consultant


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