New Apps in Microsoft Teams

 There’s been an explosion of new apps for Teams since we last took a look

Back in 2020 we shared a couple of posts about new apps being rolled out for Microsoft Teams. Not surprisingly, the number of apps available for Teams now has grown a lot. So we thought it was about time to pore over the new additions and let you know which ones we think stand out.  

Microsoft Apps 

Screenshot of a dialog box inviting user to create an app for Microsoft Teams using Power Apps

Microsoft has been the single largest source of new apps for Teams recently. There’s some simple stuff like a weather app and an app for praising colleagues. But the real game changers are the Power Apps, well, app and the Power Automate app. Both apps bring low-code, app and workflow building brilliance directly into Teams, further solidifying Teams as the central hub for everything you do at work – whether remotely or back in the office.  

There are a ton of other great Microsoft apps for Teams. Azure Boards lets you monitor work item activity in your projects, create new work items, and search and share work items with your colleagues. Power Virtual Agents helps you create bots in Teams that can answer frequently asked questions for HR, service desks, and the like. Communities for Teams offers an interactive Yammer experience enabling you to engage with leaders, watch live events, and stay up to date with news and announcements. There are even new apps for Teams that integrate competing video conferencing services like Zoom, Go To Meeting and WebEx.  

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We think these are some of the most compelling new Teams apps from Microsoft but there’s a lot more to explore too. There’s also a few third-party apps we thought deserve attention. 

Third-Party Apps 

For the Scrum and Agile set, there’s a new app called AgilePolly, which automates standups and check-ins while enabling your teams to be more effective and engaged by tracking status updates and detecting team blockers. 

Sure to be popular, the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud app for Teams allows you to view the request module of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud inside Microsoft Teams so technicians and requesters can perform various ServiceDesk Plus Cloud actions through a bot.  

Banner for a free Kiefer eBook called the Indispensable Tools of the Modern Workplace is an app for education. While some schools have begun welcoming students back to campus, many are still attending school through distance learning. Any tool to make distance learning more successful is worth taking a look at. provides a transparent and inclusive discussion board, which the makers claim will help in fostering credible collaborative thinking, promote deeper learning and equal opportunities in education. Screenshot Screenshot

Finally, if you’re a regular reader of Kiefer Insights, you know we’ve experimented a lot over the last year with fun ways to keep our team engaged and connected. From Family Feud to Pictionary to Bingo, games have been a big part of our remote work strategy. The Trivia app for Teams fits right in with us. The app lets you compete against your teammates in a fun, easy-to-play format with over 28,000 questions across more than 30 categories. According to the developer, there are already more 100,000 Trivia players in 2,700 companies and 30 countries. 


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