33 Years – and No Signs of Stopping.

Kiefer Consulting just hit another milestone, our 33rd year in business.

The technology industry is one of constant change. And, if you look around, there are very few companies that can say that they have stood the test of time. How does an Information Technology firm stay relevant for 33 years?


Last year, we wrote an article that focused on the reasons that clients choose to work with us. In that article, we highlight the fact that our people are the reason clients choose to do business with Kiefer Consulting. Our people are also the reason that many clients choose to hire us again. Our team of consultants are full-time (benefited) employees. In the consulting industry, many firms will hire for specific roles and then “part ways” with the consultant upon the termination of the contract. We have taken a very different approach. We only pursue business that our team is qualified for and we strategically build delivery teams based on experience and team chemistry. Sure, there are times when we may not have projects for certain team members, but we use that time to work on internal projects, skill-building, and training. We are not the biggest firm, but we again made the Sacramento Business Journal’s list for the TOP I.T. Consulting Firms in the greater Sacramento region. We hold the #15 spot and will be making several strategic hires over the next year that will likely have us making our way up the list.

“Practice” Makes Perfect

Several years ago, we determined that the best way to support our customers was to create dedicated practice groups that have “in-demand” skills. These practice areas mirror Microsoft’s solution areas. In every engagement, we determine which practice areas will be required to successfully deliver. We then move to an internal resourcing activity that results in a team that can deliver.

Customer-Centered Approach

While we have been customer-centered since the very beginning, last year we met internally to discuss what is required to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We have since documented the Customer Experience Methodology and have reinforced the importance of the customer experience across everything we do. We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers with the goal of becoming a trusted advisor.


Our team and our business have “purpose”. What we do as a company is make a difference for our customers. Our solutions enable organizations to improve processes, promote collaboration, streamline communication, and stay productive. This last year, as organizations struggled to stay productive when stay-at-home orders created a more distributed workforce, Kiefer consultants immediately realized their value. We delivered at a time when customers needed us most, at a time where a slow “pivot” would simply not be acceptable. We helped our clients roll out technologies like Microsoft Teams. We assisted clients in leveraging SharePoint as intended. We created lasting relationships with clients that realized just how important it was to have a good partner!

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33 years is a long time, but the reason we have been successful is this. No matter how much things change, there is no substitute for a company that does not budge on the non-negotiables. We invest in our people, adapt our model so we can always put our clients first, and recognize that we have a real purpose. Here is to 33 years of doing it right and to here is to 33 more!


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