Kiefer Playbook: Getting Started with Microsoft Power BI

California Department of Technology recently unveiled its latest strategic plan, titled Vision 2023. The plan outlines the technology priorities for the State of California. Business intelligence tools will play a role in helping the state in realizing their goals.

“Programs often lack the operational insights, dashboards or metrics to identify opportunities to change policy and operations, improve technology, and use automation. Without this information, programs are unable to effectively prioritize changes.”

– Vision 2023

California Department of Technology Strategic Plan

Image of Kiefer's Playbook - Getting Started with Microsoft Power BI

Public-sector clients are eager to leverage tools like Microsoft Power BI to analyze data. As experts in data analytics and visualization, we published a playbook for public-sector organizations that want to get started with Microsoft Power BI. We offer some proven best-practices and free resources that will be useful as you work to create a culture that embraces data-driven decision making. The playbook is free and can be downloaded instantly here.


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