We are not afraid of a complex project

Kiefer’s team of consultants rise to the occasion and bring a unique mix of skills to every engagement.

Complex projects require a team that can work well together, and we have spent years learning how to leverage talent to build a high-performing project delivery team. We look at technical skills and soft skills when we assemble a team, and we believe that our approach put both Kiefer and the client in a position to succeed.

Communication and collaboration are the two things that a team with good chemistry will bring to any engagement. Since Kiefer is not a staffing firm (all employees are full-time and benefited), we know that our team is used to working together, familiar with the skill sets of their co-workers, and understand the delivery methodology that is consistent in every Kiefer Consulting engagement.

Kiefer also recognizes that complex projects need leadership. Our approach is to have a Kiefer project manager (PM) work collaboratively with a client PM. The two roles help both the client team and delivery team understand complexities, dependencies, and the vision. We have found that even complex projects become more manageable when the right type of leadership is applied, and expectations are clearly defined. We recommend a PM in every engagement for this very reason.

Staying on track

Complex projects have a lot of moving parts, so keeping a project on track requires leadership and experience. Kiefer project managers bring the much-needed experience to every engagement and can help the team in navigating uncertainty, barriers, and unanticipated challenges. At every turn, a PM can help the team get on track while making sure we are in constant communication with the client.

Visibility is key

We use a host of tools that help the team and the client stay informed. Weekly status reports and project portals in Microsoft Teams help the client and Kiefer team members better understand tasks and goals. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise in SharePoint, we have improved upon the legacy homegrown project management tools that we had built in SharePoint. The SharePoint-based tools were instrumental in helping our team deliver complex solutions.

Team chemistry

We talk about team chemistry a lot. So much so, that we even wrote a blog about it. We think chemistry is important. If the project is more complex, I think chemistry becomes even more of a factor. Communication and collaboration are essential and teams that have worked together and succeeded together are better at it

Outcome focused

Understanding scope and complexity is an important part of a process we call the “Go / No-Go” process. We evaluate every opportunity and determine whether we have the time, resources, and experience to deliver. Our process allows us to focus on the client’s desired outcome and determine whether or not we can successfully help the client achieve their goal. 1 out of 3 opportunities are worthy of pursuit, and whenever we respond to a RFO or RFP, we are responding with confidence. We know we have the expertise and experience that is required help the client succeed.

Complex projects do not scare us. We simply have become very good in how we approach a complex project. We have the people, tools, expertise, soft-skills, team chemistry, and a proven track record for successful delivery. Tell us about the business challenge you’d like to solve… no matter how complex it might be. We may be able to help!


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