Kiefer Partner Spotlight: AvePoint

Kiefer Consulting has successfully helped hundreds of clients get the most out of their investments in Microsoft technologies. We have a strong relationship with Microsoft because we are a “Microsoft shop” and only provide services that help clients better leverage Microsoft technologies to solve business challenges. If a client is looking for services that are specific to Microsoft, we can help. If the client is looking to do something with technology other than Microsoft (aside from bringing data from other applications into the Microsoft ecosystem), we will kindly direct them to another qualified vendor. We have become a trusted partner to countless clients and are proud of the reputation that we have earned.

Our partnerships allow us to help our clients achieve outcomes that may not be possible “out-of-the-box”. One such feature is back-up.

Cloud Providers like Microsoft are focused on protecting the Microsoft 365 service, and unfortunately, data loss may not be covered in your Service Level Agreement (SLA). Cloud providers like Microsoft and Salesforce even encourage their customers to leverage 3rd party solutions to protect their data.

For this reason, Kiefer has partnered with AvePoint. We started working with AvePoint in the early days of SharePoint and have continued to share the benefits of AvePoint with our clients. With the growth of Microsoft 365, we have been advocating that our clients consider AvePoint Cloud Backup to ensure that data is protected in the event of a ransomware attack or even an event that is purely accidental. Data recovery is critical and unfortunately, the out-of-the-box backup capabilities of Microsoft 365 cannot ensure that data will be recoverable in a data-loss event.

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 allows organizations the ability to create full and incremental backups with granular recovery features for the Microsoft 365 applications that are critical to your business.

  • Backup Outlook mailboxes, Archives, folders, chats, calendars, contacts, messages, permissions and more
  • Protect SharePoint site collections or granular sites, lists, libraries, folders, items, metadata, security settings, and version history
  • Backup Microsoft 365 Groups, including files, conversations, notebooks, sites, and more
  • Backup Microsoft Teams channels, private channels, conversations, work files, meeting items, and more can be recovered with ease
  • Backup OneDrive for Business lists, libraries, folders, items, metadata, security settings, and version history
  • Protect Microsoft Project Online plans, jobs, tasks, and files
  • Backup Microsoft Planner tasks, buckets, progress, labels, and assignments are kept safe for anytime access

Aside from a robust backup tool, AvePoint also has an amazing solution that addresses a big (and very common) concern. Governance.

Clients often ask us how to ensure control over who creates Team sites or SharePoint sites. AvePoint has a solution (Cloud Governance) that can be used to automate and manage site provisioning, site lifecycle, and recertification. If you are concerned about Microsoft Teams “sprawl”, permissions, and how sites are created, please call us! We would love to show you how this solution works and share use cases with you.

We truly appreciate our partnership with the team AvePoint and it has been a real pleasure to work with our AvePoint contacts (Justin Klise, Antoine Snow, Dan Bischel, and Sam Valme).

To learn more about AvePoint, please contact us to see a demonstration of Cloud Backup or the Cloud Governance Solution.


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