Remediation Services for Microsoft Teams

When Microsoft Teams was introduced in 2016, the Kiefer team was excited about a collaboration and communication platform that would feel more like a platform. For years, customers expressed frustrations related to not knowing what application they should be using and when they should be using them. Microsoft Teams seemed like it might help in making Microsoft 365 feel less like a collection of point solutions and more like an integrated application where users could leverage the power of Microsoft 365 from a single application.

Some organizations were slow to deploy Microsoft Teams and blamed past experiences with SharePoint for their hesitancy. When many organizations decided to rollout SharePoint, lack of governance had resulted in undefined provisioning processes, countless abandoned SharePoint sites, duplicate content, and permission issues. The idea of creating Teams and collaboration spaces with the same lack of governance had organizations hitting the pause button.

Pandemic accelerates the use of Microsoft Teams

As organizations moved quickly to remote work, the tool that many defaulted to was Microsoft Teams. Unfortunately, many deployments of Teams came without planning, governance, or end-user training. Kiefer has offered free consultations and has remained committed to helping organizations in their efforts to support remote and distributed workforces. We have helped many organizations successfully roll out Microsoft Teams.

Cleaning up the “mess”

Organizations that deployed Teams without guidance at the beginning of the pandemic have been using Teams for over a year and they have may be experiencing issues related to abandoned Teams, confusion about channels and duplicate content. Well, we can assure you, you are not alone. Kiefer has been helping clients in their effort to help organization regain control and better manage Teams. Our team’s experience with SharePoint and governance is key in helping clients in getting the most out of Microsoft Teams. We take a proven approach to helping organizations in cleaning up the “mess” that was left by a rushed and accelerated deployment of Microsoft Teams.

What we do.

Kiefer starts with an assessment of your current Microosft Teams environment. Based on information architecture and usage, we can come to some quick conclusions and determine a logical path forward. Services we provide include:

  • Assessment of environment and the documentation of Teams/SharePoint sprawl
    • Identify Team sites or channels with low (or no) usage
    • Understand the current provisioning process
    • Review content stored in Teams
  • Strategy for removing abandoned and/or duplicated Teams
  • Increase end-user adoption and satisfaction with Teams/SharePoint
  • Provide guidance for site provisioning, lifecycle management and archiving
  • Assist is developing policies for site naming,
  • Assist in establishing governance and permissions
  • Review available tools that will allow for automated governance

Getting Started

Microsoft Teams has a lot of potential, and some may even argue that Teams is the best collaboration and communication tool that is available to a remote worker. The ability to share information and collaborate is critical and no other tool in the market is as elegant in delivering this capability. We do understand that control and governance are extremely important to making the dream of Microsoft Teams a reality. We can help you in Microsoft Teams remediation and cleaning up the mess. Our team can help establish policies and controls and build a better future for Microsoft Teams for your organization.

Contact us if you are experiencing Teams “sprawl”, have been using Teams without governance, or have struggled with user-adoption. We can help!


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