What is SharePoint Subscription Edition?

The next, and last, version of SharePoint Server on-premise called “SharePoint Server Subscription Edition” is now available for Public Preview.   I say last because one of the most notable features of this version of SharePoint is that it is now going to be evergreen. 

What does ‘evergreen’ mean?

 That is a great question, and I am so glad that you asked!   

“Evergreen” means that SharePoint will be continuously updated with new features and functionality as well as security updates and patches.  There will be no new versions because the new software model is to just keep updating and improving the software that you already have.   If you are gamer as I know some of us are, you will have experienced this already with your PC and console games.  In the old days, you used to buy a box of software that contained the installation media, you installed the game, you played the game, and that is all it ever was.  In today’s modern games, you buy the game, you download it, and over time the developer releases new updates to the game called “Downloadable Content” or DLCs.  These DLCs constantly add and change the game over time.   This is the same model that Microsoft has moved to for SharePoint Server.

Some of the other highlights of this new version of SharePoint:

  • Upgrading supports N-2.  This means you can upgrade both SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint 2016 directly to Subscription Edition (SE). 
  • Now supports Windows Server Core.  (This is the GUI-less version of Windows Server)
  • Supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) 1.0.  (This allows support for things like modern authentication/MFA)
  • People Picker can resolve users from Trusted Identity Providers.
  • Certificate management.  They have incorporated the management of certificates into the interface now so that you can deploy your certs to the farm which will apply it to all the web front ends for you.
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