Modern Workplace Strategy for a Non-Technical Workforce.

Technology isn’t just for the technologically inclined workforce. Every one of your employees are using technology to communicate and collaborate with co-workers, and it is important to recognize that the standard set tools your organization relies on should be easy to use and deliver practical benefits to users regardless of their technical acumen.

Technology has the potential to make people’s job easier and improve efficiencies, but if the technology isn’t deployed with user appetite and organizational capacity in mind, technology adoption may be slow and your investment may not be fully realized.

Kiefer Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner and we leverage years of experience to help organizations in deploying technology and helping non-technical workers see the benefits of new technology. Many organizations recognize opportunities to improve processes or integrate technology, but the organization may not clearly understand how to introduce change without creating significant disruption. Our team of technologists and change management practitioners can help you in creating a plan for deploying technology and help you in bringing non-technical users along on the journey to digital business transformation.

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Understanding the Benefits

Non-technical users often find comfort in being able to do their work in a very predictable and consistent way. Even though their may be inefficiencies in their processes, they know the tools, what to do and where the bottlenecks may exist. A promise of a better way is often met with resistance. It is common for us to hear.

  • We tried to improve the process before
  • I like how it works now
  • I don’t like the process, but it’s too complicated to make a change

These are reasonable objections. But, we are firm in our belief that with the right team of consultants, we can help your organization in leveraging your technology investment in Microsoft 365 and help you in a strategic and balanced deployment of applications and tools that will benefit all users, even the less technical ones.

Our Process

We start with questions that help us understand where your organization sits on the digital transformation maturity roadmap. This is a way to get us a “baseline read” of where you are today, what you’d like to accomplish, and what might need to occur to help you achieve that level.

In order to get to the desired level on the maturity roadmap, you will need a partner that can help you increase capacity and appetite, and that is exactly what our team knows how to do. We know the advantages of digital transformation, but we also know how to communicate the value of transformation to users that may be less enthusiastic about significant changes in how they do their work. The benefits will outweigh the compromises that will have to be made, and the less technical users will find value in new tools the improvements they deliver.

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Not Changing for the Sake of Change

Our team will not drag your organization into deploying new technology if there is no benefit. Typically, the change we recommend results in the following

  • less dependence on e-mail
  • better visibility into critical business processes
  • a reduction in paper-based processes
  • dashboards that deliver information and insights on demand
  • improved communication and collaboration with both internal and external users

But, if the users don’t clearly understand the desired outcomes of the “to-be” state, adoption will be slow and the exercise will be a waste of time and money. We aim to prevent that.

Empowering the Non-Technical User

Our team of consultants build strong relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and planning technology deployments to deliver quick and relevant improvements. Some clients call them “quick wins”, and we agree that this strategy is important in delivering solutions that help clients demonstrate the value of technology in the enterprise. Beyond the quick win, we target users and work collaboratively with them to understand requirements and help create a plan that helps them see the benefit of continuous improvement. We believe that shifting the mindset is important in helping to empower users and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Retention of the Non-Technical User

We want technology to offer your organization and users a benefit that may be unrealized. We don’t want to scare users by introducing new tools that seem complicated with steep learning curves. Technology should empower users and excite them.

Sadly, organizations that do not have a good strategy for modernizing their workplace are finding that they are losing talent. Users that can’t work away from a physical location are seeking other opportunities that allow for full time (or part time) remote work. This is only possible if you have the right applications in place to support a modern workplace strategy that allows users to be efficient, removes barriers, and demonstrates that the organization genuinely cares about how workers spend their time and how they work. The opportunity to create a strong modern workplace strategy should not be overlooked and Kiefer can help. Contact us to learn more.


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